My Inkey List Highlights & The Limited Edition Sea Kelp Serum You Need

For the past six months, the British born Inkey List has become one of Sephora’s most talked about brands. It has also camouflaged itself quite nicely within the retailer’s signature black and white color scheme. Very crafty. Cutting through the beauty jargon bs, the line focuses on straightforward formulas that address a broad spectrum of complexion related conundrums. 

The best part? Nothing is priced over $15. The Inkey List is all about products you don’t need to save for, experience guilt after a splurge, or expect exaggerated results pressured by intimidating price points. There are a lot of choices in this tempting range. For those with skin similar to my own (39, combination yet dehydrated, enlarged pores, could be more even toned), here are my personal highlights. 

Sea Kelp

This one tops the list even though it only became part of my skincare routine this week. Why? It launches today at Sephora and The Inkey List only bottled 5,000 units of this juicy, hydrating serum. ‘Tis the season for Limited Editions! Sea Kelp is the fastest growing seaweed, probably because it is incredibly rich in minerals and antioxidants. Used topically, it helps prevent free radical damage caused by pollution, UV exposure or stress. It’s quick absorbing, soothing and leaves the skin feeling hydrated. Every skin type can benefit from its properties. Grab one. $9.99 (30ml)

Brighten-i Eye Cream

Two words: biggest surprise. If you’re exploring eye care formulas or looking for something to address early signs of aging, this one is pretty impressive. It’s creamier (and more moisturizing) than Caffeine and delivers an immediate brightening effect (there are light reflecting particles but the ‘shimmer’ is very subtle). The metal tip applicator adds a cooling sensation that is a welcome pairing on mornings on which I wake up looking puffy. Will it work on deep wrinkles or hereditary darkness under the eyes. Probably not. It’s a basic eye cream done very well. $9.99 (15ml)

PHA Toner

If you’re looking for a mildly exfoliating toner for the Fall, the PHA laced formula from The Inkey List is it. Polyhydroxy, an underling of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, is heavier than the more popular AHAs (glycolic, lactic, etc) in terms of its molecular weight so the exfoliation strength is limited to the very outer layer of the skin. Because of this, you can use it day, night, or twice daily, and not worry about sensitivity to the sun (still wear that damn sunscreen tho). Addition of 3% Niacinamide will definitely help you achieve brighter and more even tone. In other good news, there is no tingling or redness, which can so often be triggered by some acid toners. $10.99 (100ml)

Tranexamic Acid Night Treatment

A step above an acid toner, a leave-on overnight exfoliant is my most explored category in skincare. Because who doesn’t love waking up to smooth, glowing skin? This lightweight formula combines 2% Tranexamic Acid, a skin brightening ingredient that is all skin types friendly. Working overtime, the gel-lotion treatment also highlights Acai Berry Extract, and a Vitamin C derivative, which help fade any pesky post-summer skin discolorations. The goal is an even toned complexion. There is no tingle and no dryness (don’t love the smell but it dissipates quickly). Be sure to moisturize afterward and apply broad spectrum SPF on the following morning. $14.99 (30ml)

Ceramide Night Treatment

If you’re twenty, I’m guessing that you aren’t yet excited about ceramides. At almost forty, I am unexcited that my skin is no longer producing them at a rapid rate. Ceramides (aka fat lipids) are the protective bubble wrap that contributes to the skin looking healthy, plump, and vibrant. This Inkey List solution includes a blend of Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Squalane, Arginine, and Jojoba Oil to help bring back the bounce. There is not a hint of a scent and the silky texture layers well under richer formulas for those who prefer an oil to seal their PM routine. Don’t expect miraculous results overnight. Give it a try for a few weeks. You’ll be impressed. $14.99 (30ml)

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