Diptyque Le Patch Is A Perfumed Sticker You Don’t Need

Here are three thoughts that I promise will come together.

  1. When it comes to a novelty beauty item, I’m all in. A few years ago, I was among those who purchased a bottle of Francis Kurkdjian Scented Bubbles. Some saw it as outrageous and wasteful, maybe even useless, but it proved to be worth every penny. Better than a candle, that bottle took outdoor summer parties to the next level. 
  2. I love dipytque. In my opinion, the Baies candle is the definition of classic. And when my favorite Eau de Sens fragrance became available as a hair mist, I jumped to place an order. There isn’t a day on which I wear it that I don’t receive compliments. 
  3. I don’t share negative impressions of a product. Not working for me doesn’t necessarily translate to not working for others. 

Now, watch me connect the dots: I recently purchased the newly launched diptyque scented patches. They’re the absolute worst. 

At first glance, diptyque ‘Le Patch’ sounded cute. Afterall, I really enjoyed the JO LOVES fragrance paintbrush. I’m game for any product that makes traveling with fragrance more convenient. The diptyque novelty is available in three scents. Since Do Son is one of my favorites (a light floral with a hint of green and a touch of musk), a box of flower shaped stickers was on its way after just a few clicks. The perfumed stickers also come in Eau Rose and L’Ombre Dans L’Eau.

There are 5 patches in every box and the brand claims that each can be reused three times. Allegedly. After sticking a flower cutout on the inside of my wrist, I couldn’t figure out if I looked like I was 5 or if I was a member of a cult. I drove to the train station and detected zero scent in the car. When I arrived in the city and sat down to lunch just over two hours later, I still hadn’t picked up on a single note of Do Son. I could smell it when I stuck my nose into Le Patch but the fragrance didn’t diffuse well. At all. 

The patch itself is made of a polyester satin blend and has a nice sheen to it. It’s more substantial than I expected (at first, I thought these were transferable tattoos) but as much as I wanted to like it, it didn’t deliver the sensory experience I had anticipated. Worse yet, by dinner time, the sticker had unglued itself so reusing it up to three times just wasn’t possible. That’s really not acceptable, especially given the $55 price tag for the box.


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