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*The* beauty discovery during my latest London visit, OM Skincare is a SpaceNK UK exclusive gem of a range that we all shall pray expands Stateside. Soon! Founded by Dr. Om Prawarisa, an expert in the field of Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Science, this very special line up combines the concept of eco-luxury with the latest in modern innovation with just a hint of whimsical for an experience one can only describe as ‘Meditation for your skin’.

Recently, I got to learn about the brand from Om herself over a morning coffee at The Soho Hotel. Truly lovely, passionate, and engaging she couldn’t have been more gracious after my jetlagged and under-caffeinated ass arrived forty minutes late. Thankfully, I was in the blissful state of OM in no time. Note to self: Uber in London? Don’t.

Why OM?

Inspired by ancient traditions of the East, Dr. Prawarisa utilizes cutting edge technology to formulate comprehensive anti-aging solutions that perform on every skin type in every climate. Her overall message is straightforward and easy to embrace: to bring the Chi Energy found in nature to our skin. Chi, which means ‘aliveness’ in Chinese is what our complexions strive for when our skin looks dull, lifeless, and sallow. Every OM creation is carefully concocted using the finest ingredients to deliver visible radiance, firmness, and glow. The epitome of high end niche, the luxurious capsule collection consists of seven items. Below are three I’ve been playing with all summer.

Pure Glow Cleanser

Beyond impressive, the OM Pure Glow Cleanser is one of the most versatile face washes I have tried to date. This low foaming, ultra gentle, and non-drying gel cleanser features Organic Aloe Vera, Rosewood and Sweet Orange Oils to hydrate, revitalize and energize as it removes dirt, excess oil, makeup and environmental pollutants from the surface of the skin. Heavenly smelling, you will want to indulge in every way possible.

om skincare pure glow cleanser spacenk review inhautepursuit

Use it like a traditional cleanser on damp skin sinkside or in the shower or as a makeup remover by massaging in and wiping off with a cloth. You can also apply it to dry skin and wait 5-10 mins for a deep cleanse with a surreal aromatherapy perk. Whatever your method, take the time to enjoy the experience –use your fingertips to stimulate circulation, take deep breaths– embrace the ritual. Love the pump bottle; hate not knowing when I’m getting low. It’s addicting. £35 (150ml)

om skincare pure glow cleanser gel review inhautepursuit spacenk
Light & Luxe – Gel Texture Perfected

Revitalising Beauty Booster

Putting the OM in OMG, the Revitalising Beauty Booster is my irreplaceable go to on days during which my skin needs all the help it can get. Let’s be honest, that’s fairly consistently. This elegant serum combines moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid with antioxidant rich Green Tea and Apple Extracts and Baical Skullcap Root Extract, a purifying herb used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries…all in an intoxicating base of Bitter Orange Flower Extract Water because if it doesn’t satisfy all the senses, it isn’t OM!

om skincare revitalizing beauty booster review inhautepursuit

Lightweight in texture and just a tad bit slippery, this Beauty Booster can go directly on a freshly cleansed face, be mixed with your moisturizer of choice, or patted into the skin throughout the day when you need a quick pick me up. It absorbs in seconds. Pocket size, this TSA approved dropper bottle is a must have for every traveler. File under in-flight complexion savior. £22.50 (15ml)

om skincare booster revitalizing serum inhautepursuit review
Seriously impressive.

Invisible Finish Primer SPF 40

A cornucopia of skin loving compounds, the OM Invisible Finish Primer SPF 40 is a phenomenal daily sunscreen regardless of whether you wear makeup. While it can easily double as a primer (with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection mind you) under your foundation, it delivers a notable solo performances for those who take the minimalist approach.

om skincare invisible finish primer spf 40 review inhautepursuit

Slightly tinted, the neutral hue blends into the skin for a an immediately brighter and rested appearance. Completely streak free and loaded with anti-aging Red Algae, Pea, Larch Tree and Moringa Seed Extracts, it exfoliates gently with Papain Enzyme. Calming and nourishing Chamomile, Rosewood and Sweet Orange oils complete the aromatic ingredient deck. The tinted primer sunscreen hybrid offers a matte finish, so I apply a single pump of Dr. Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint over it to create a bit of warmth. Pump dispenser and an upright tube – yes and yasss! £42.50 (30ml)

OM skincare tinted primer spf 40 swatch tinted review inhautepursuit spacenk
Now you see me. Now you don’t.

If you’re lucky enough to be based in the UK, stop by your local SpaceNK and explore the unique concept that is OM. Get your wishlist ready at and let’s hope an international shipping option is in the works…


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