It Takes Two – Olay Microdermabrasion Treatment

Katie Holmes being named the face and first ever Global Ambassador for Olay was one of the top stories in beauty last week. It took breaking news for me to dig out the Regenerist Microdermabrasion Treatment from under the sink and re-appreciate this drugstore find. No longer Oil of Olay but just Olay since 1999, this legendary brand offers some seriously great products. It is perfect for those seeking an uncomplicated skin care routine that delivers results without breaking the bank. #VeryJoeyPotter

Regenerist, labeled as Advanced Anti-Aging, is just one of Olay’s targeted ranges and a launching pad for most of the brand’s award winning formulas. The two step Microdermabrasion System resurfaces the skin within minutes and delivers instant results. Don’t let phrases like derma-crystals or alpha hydroxy acids scare you. Whether your skin is sensitive or you haven’t exfoliated in a while, this over-the-counter treatment is easily accessible for a reason. #SafeAndSound

olay inhautepursuit review microdermabrasion treatment at home peel

There are two steps to this Microdermabrasion Treatment. You start with the jar of derma-crystals that are an orange gel with a fresh citrus scent. Apply to dry skin as you would a face mask and gently massage in circular motions for up to one minute. If the crystals feel harsh, use a lighter hand or dampen your face slightly prior to application to soften the friction. Step 2 is the peel activator serum, which goes on next. Colorless and odorless, it will foam up while in contact with step 1 and may feel warm. Massage it in for another minute and rinse. As I sit here with glass smooth skin, I can’t think of a reason I haven’t used this system in a while. #BackInTheGame

olay regenerist review inhautepursuit microdermabrasion treatment

Vitamin C infused derma-crystals exfoliate mechanically and increase blood circulation. After lifting off the dead skin cells, lactic acid based activator exfoliates on a chemical level to address uneven skin tone and revive dull complexions. While I have no post acne scarring nor any serious hyperpigmentation, this treatment is an ideal choice for those struggling with either issue. For optimal results, use Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion Treatment up to twice a week. #YesYouCan

If you navigate well through the beauty world, you may find this Microdermabrasion Treatment by Olay very similar to another product on the market. By similar, I mean almost identical. The other product: philosophy micro-delivery vitamin c peel. Sadly, since the COTY acquisition, philosophy has changed many of their core formulas, losing me along the way. The Olay Regenerist peel costs less than half of philosophy’s and performs in the exact same way. #MyPhilosophy

Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion System (MSRP $28.99) is not easy to find in local drugstores as it sells out fast. Check out online destinations such as ($23.99), ($21.49), ($28.99) or ($20.99 – price may vary).

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