MUGLER Cologne – Five New Scents For Fall

Just last week, a gorgeous mailer of the just-released MUGLER Colognes landed on my desk. Within moments of opening the box and spritzing all five scents, a line from my favorite scene in ‘Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion’ immediately came to mind. “They have nice lines. A fun, frisky use of color. All and all, I’d have to say they’re really… not bad!” But does my remembering a quote verbatim from this campy 1997 classic make me too old to embrace this launch targeted at millennials? Nah.

The olfactory rainbow of gender fluid (or what we called ‘unisex’ in the 90’s) MUGLER Eau de Toilettes promotes no race, no gender, no age, no label. It’s all very ‘Born This Way’ — pop but make it meaningful to express and embrace your unique. The fragrance house encourages you to manifest your mood by creating a signature blend. Because all this newness can be cocktailed or taken neat.

I moved away from fragrance-combining when the variety and quantity of Jo Malone (the brand I credit with coining the concept) blends surpassed their single note offerings. It became too much for me. My favorites in the new MUGLER line-up are Come Together (green) and Fly Away (yellow), each of which I prefer to wear independently. Concluding the creative kaleidoscope are Love You All (blue), Run Free (violet), and Take Me Out (orange).

Come Together

  • Wavelength: Green
  • Family: Green Cologne
  • Notes: Green petitgrain, white musk

Love You All

  • Wavelength: Blue
  • Family: Amber Cologne
  • Notes: White amber and Blue licorice

Run Free

  • Wavelength: Violet
  • Family: Woody Cologne
  • Notes: Purple ginger and Akigalawood

Take Me Out

  • Wavelength: Orange
  • Family: Floral Cologne
  • Notes: Orange blossom and Shiso leaf

Fly Away

  • Wavelength: Yellow
  • Family: Aromatic Cologne
  • Notes: Yellow grapefruit and Hemp accord

If you’re looking for a casual, feel-good scent to add to your Fall wardrobe, check out the new MUGLER Colognes. I’m ranking the sillage and longevity as a 6-7 on me, common for any EDT. The 100ml bottles retail at $70 each and can be found at


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