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The newly launched Celestial Activating Essence from ARCONA takes any knowledge of or experience with the trendy ‘beauty water’ step you think you may have to new levels. This crafty multi-tasker contains ultra-pure and super effective botanical extracts to address two common concerns regardless of your skin type: hydration and luminosity. Because who isn’t constantly striving to improve either? Am I right?

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The ARCONA love…

Those who follow me on Instagram have come to expect enthusiasm from me for the many irreplaceable staples from this luxe and natural spa range. Triad Pads and Magic White Ice have been grooming constants for over a decade. The same can be said for the addicting Cranberry Gommage. So, imagine my excitement about this new launch, a category debut for the brand. Hard to believe that ARCONA hadn’t offered an essence before.

with my all time favorite ARCONA serum…

What is it?

At first glance, you may notice the smaller-than-expected size of the Celestial Activating Essence container. It also looks more like a face mist. The elegant glass bottle is reminiscent of a serum…This one is a true treatment step that features high-level actives. Its goal is to prime the skin for what is to follow and to amplify (hence the ‘activating’ part) the efficacy of your current serums and moisturizers.

and the oh-so-lush wine oil…

What’s in it?

The innovative formula is fueled by Rose Hydrosol (a nutrient-rich liquid distilled from fresh flowers) and boosted by complexion revitalizing Riboxyl and skin plumping peptides. I’m intrigued by the inclusion of Luminescine, a brightening compound derived from Mullein flowers and leaves. It has the ability to grab onto damaging UV aggressors and transform some of the adsorbed energy into visible light. Now, THAT’S recycling!

effervescent decadence

If you’re new to essences, these specialty formulas utilize smaller molecules, naturally recognized by our skin cells. They allow for deep, quick absorption of the product. This, in turn, leads to immediate and long-term improvement of the skin’s hydration levels. Soothing Chamomile and countless skin conditioning plant extracts such as Green Tea, Neem, Turmeric, and Algae are also infused in the Celestial Activating Essence, all of which help balance the water and oil content in the skin. The key is to always apply it after a toner (most toners have a cleansing component to them) and before a serum.

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How and When?

The Celestial Activating Essence is as fluid (no pun intended) in the ways it can be used as are its multifaceted components. Because of its highly-concentrated formula, a single spritz is all you need to experience the benefits from its countless properties. Spray the essence into the palm of your hand (you will notice subtle micro-bubbling action that revs up all the active ingredients) and press directly into cleansed and toned skin. If you’re short on time, or layering isn’t for you, cocktail it with your favorite serum or moisturizer. You can absolutely use it as a pick-me-up mist midday as well. I’d probably avoid saturating a cotton pad with this newness; that just seems wasteful.

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My Thoughts

Celestial Activating Essence feels richer than the countless essences I’ve tried before. Its lightweight, silky texture sinks into the skin within seconds and is neither heavy nor sticky upon application. There is a faint botanical aroma – Bergamot – that ARCONA does so well, which completes the sensory experience. Personally, I’m finding this addition to my skincare routine to be a huge perk during the current change in seasons when my complexion tends to appear dull and dehydrated. Major props for the TSA-approved size as skin can be at its most unpredictable when traveling!

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This blog post is sponsored by the brand. While I received monetary compensation for creating content, it by no means influenced my impression of the product. 



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