Kate Somerville HydraKate Serum & Water Cream Review

There are two reasons I’ve always liked Kate Somerville skincare. One: the brand values clarity and brevity and doesn’t overwhelm with new launches every other week. And, two: the products work. Since its early days, the brand has helped navigate their laser focused solutions to address and correct the most frustrating skincare conundrums. The recently launched HydraKate duo is inspired by an in-office procedure that rejuvenates dull, dehydrated skin in desperate need of hydration. And now that the thermostat is on and off all day every day, that would be my skin!

HydraKate in a nutshell

The two piece collection (I’ll keep sending good vibes to the universe in the hope of a cleanser coming next) is inspired by microchanneling therapy – among the most popular procedures available at the Kate Somerville Clinic. This next level microneedling firms, rejuvenates, and plumps the skin, erasing all signs of fatigue. Not as dramatic as the in-office treatment, HydraKate allows those at a distance from a famous Kate Somerville location, to experience some of the benefits at home.

Powered by a new delivery system—called AquaPort Technology (inspired by a Nobel prize winning innovation)—the new HydraKate formulas propel Hyaluronic Acid to penetrate more quickly deeper into the skin. Unlike the microchanneling procedure (which teleports ingredients by creating thousands of microscopic channels to deliver intense hydration), the at-home alternative is recommended for daily use. And since the HydraKate duo also utilizes Spirulina Extract as a core ingredient, both the serum and water-cream have calming and antimicrobial properties in addition to protecting the skin from overexposure to Blue Light. 

Recharging Serum

Unlike most bottled serums with dropper dispensers, the dreamy, lightweight HydraKate stands tall in a slim pump bottle. Thank God for Kate’s airless packaging; I would not forgive any sinkside spills, accidental or otherwise. If you’re a fan of fast-absorbing, silky textures, the new Recharging Serum is perfect for you.

What’s really impressive? The richness of the hydration this new formula delivers upon each application. A gentle application before bed has my skin feeling incredibly soft and plump upon waking up. The ingredient highlights feature two forms of Hyaluronic Acid, Blue/Green Algae Extract, Glycerin, Peptides, and soothing Rosemary Extract, all varying in molecular weight.

Recharging Water Cream

This is where things get interesting. For a boost of hydration, I typically turn to serums. I found the HydraKate Water Cream a bit more intriguing. Similar to the formula used to create the serum, the Water Cream uses the same AquaPort Technology and contains HA alongside Blue Light fighting Algae Extract. The addition of Marigold Extract, a gentle and non-irritating botanical that is packed with anti-inflammatory Linoleic Acid makes this moisturizer suitable for even those with sensitive and most reactive skin types. 

True to its name, the Water Cream offers an almost gel-like texture and leaves behind a cushiony, comforting finish. Yes, it absorbs beautifully but it feels just occlusive enough to convince you, it’s really doubling up on much needed recharging and replenishing powers. While not my daily or nightly go-to, I reach for this Water Cream on nights I take a break from retinoids. I would not layer it over a creamier formula but if you have any resurfacing serums in your rotation, this one does great applied over water-based leave-on acids, especially at night. And if you’re planning a long haul flight anywhere this holiday season, pack either of the HydraKate formulas to address the unavoidable travel related dehydration. 

Serum is $78 (30ml) and Water Cream is $76 (50ml) at katesomerville.com or sephora.com


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