JO LOVE FRAGRANCE REVIEW RED TRUFFLE 21 JO MALONEAfter twenty one years of creating some of the most iconic scents of the day, this fall Jo Malone MBE has released Red Truffle 21 under the epic venture that is JO LOVES. Completely unexpected and truly one-of-a-kind, this dare move proves the woman can officially do no wrong. Having visited the exquisite Elizabeth Street shop in London twice now and unable to fend off strangers every time I wear Pomelo, the arrival of Red Truffle 21 is my ultimate fragrance highlight of the season. It’s beauty newness jackpot. #21

JO LOVES RED TRUFFLE 21 REVIEW FRAGRANCEInspired by the color of confidence and a culinary delicacy, JO LOVES Red Truffle 21 is original, elegant, unusual, and completely intriguing. Determined to use the aromatic component of some of the most memorable dishes, Jo Malone MBE has mastered the truffle accord in her new scent. Distinct yet mysterious, this gourmand note is so subtle it will trigger memories, not your taste buds. Balanced and sophisticated, it won’t make you smell like a plate of pasta. Nowhere near.

JO LOVES A FRAGRANCE RED TRUFFLE 21 INHAUTEPURSUIT REVEIW SCENTRed Truffle 21 is a green scent through and through. Crisp Fig Leaf and bold Black Pepper open the bouquet, leading to an effervescent burst of vibrant Bergamot and Mandarin. Pine Leaves, Fig, and Juniper linger in the middle with a hint of tartness and as the fragrance starts to dry down. But, it is the Vetiver and Truffle that anchor this sensory experience with a perfect blend of earthy and green.

JO LOVES A FRAGRANCE RED TRUFFLE 21 REVIEW INHAUTEPURSUITVery refined, Red Truffle 21 is the well-traveled epicure or the effortless minimalist. Worldly without being pretentious, the scent floats without settling and while the undercover citrus notes carry it through the day, it is the balance of woody and green that is still present when you’re getting ready for bed that might be its greatest trademark. Neutral enough to wear comfortably year round, the latest from JO LOVES has seriously lively presence.

JO LOVES RED TRUFFLE 21 INHAUTEPURSUIT FRAGRANCE REVIEW MALONE MBEThe harbinger of new and exciting things to come, Red Truffle 21 arrives in a taller slimmer flacon and sports a red dot on the front label. The stunning giftable box is now white and tied with a wide red bow, which is bound to bring enormous joy this holiday season. Especially to those who have everything and pose the biggest conundrum on your wish list. In true bespoke fashion, Red Truffle 21 is available at ($105 – 50ml), the JO LOVES Elizabeth Street shop in London and via the website for £55 (50ml) and £95 (100ml).


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