I’m drinking the chocolate Kool-Aid… Evolution_18 by Bobbi Brown

This is how little I know about protein powders: I actually had to google what whey is. A derivative of milk and one of its two major proteins, it is the liquid that separates during the cheese making process. Completely unglamorous, totally good for you. Unless you’re dairy intolerant, of course. Why am I all of a sudden interested in protein powders? I watched Bobbi Brown present her latest wellness venture, Evolution_18 on QVC. The woman can sell. Not only am I drinking the chocolate kool-aid, I’m now a QCard holder.

another level

Am I a shake person, tho?

Not really nor do I love chocolate. Unless it’s Nutella… Listening to Bobbi Brown talk about the clean, good for you blend, and her sophisticated take on the ubiquitous flavor, however, had me click ‘add to cart’ before reading any reviews or checking the ingredient label. Coined ‘Afternoon Chocolate’ with the goal of helping us stay away from the bread basket at dinner time, the concept couldn’t be any more relatable. But also, who isn’t down for an afternoon pick me up? I decided it was time to give a protein shake a try. Spoiler alert: no regrets.

if you like the banana chocolate combo – highly recommended

What’s in it?

Since grass fed whey protein concentrate rGBH-free may sound like some sort of code to most, here’s a quick translation. There are three types of whey protein: whey protein concentrate (WPC), the least processed; whey protein isolate (WPI), which has the highest concentration of whey protein with the least amount of carbohydrates and fat, and whey protein hydrolysate (WPH) aka hydrolyzed whey protein, highly processed to break down the enzymes for easier absorption. What is rGBH? A genetically engineered natural growth hormone produced by cows. Ew. We don’t want that.

absolutely loving this

Combined with a Probiotic Blend (to keep the gut flora blooming), Cardiotonic Fatty Acid Complex (for the ticker), Enzyme Blend (to ensure proper digestion) and a delicious mix of Cinnamon Bark, Cayenne and Black Pepper, Afternoon Chocolate has a gourmand vibe that rivals some of the most indulging chocolate notes that make my mouth water. Think Max Brenner meets MarieBelle but very uptown.

earlier today…

Why do I love it?

Let me count the ways because honestly, I am completely blown away by everything about Evolution_18 Afternoon Chocolate.

  • the powder completely dissolves in water (no floaties, no residue)
  • mixed only with water, it delivers the most delicious flavor
  • zero chalkiness or weird aftertaste
  • it doesn’t thicken or congeal, which makes it a great ‘for later’ option to keep in the car or bag
  • the balanced sweetness is not artificial (major props for using organic coconut palm sugar)
  • no blender is required, no lumps (I use a cocktail shaker or a funnel to pour the powder directly into a bottle and then I shake the bottle)
  • keeps me full for at least 4 hours
almond milk because I’m being sensible here

I’ve enjoyed it as much in the afternoon as I have first thing in the morning, especially before I jump on the Peloton bike. While absolutely delicious with water, I blitz it with a small banana and a cup of almond milk for a creamier snack that satisfies my craving for a banana Nutella crepe. I haven’t yet tried it hot, but that’s totally an option in colder weather.

seriously delicious with just water

Single-use sachets would be a dream come true. The seal on the bag sucks so bad that half of it unglued itself on the first day. Please consider a sliding zip or a caddy (I know you’re a fan of WelleCo…) To be fair, the $60 price tag may seem a bit steep for 30 servings, but IMHO Afternoon Chocolate is worth every penny.

Update: October 2019

Afternoon Chocolate is no longer sold on QVC and is part of the Evolution_18 line up on the brand’s website! 

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