*New* Estēe Lauder Advanced Night Repair Rescue Solution

The world of beauty is constantly evolving so it’s not easy for a formula to achieve cult status. Globally, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré or the SK-II Essence have been icons for decades. But if I were to pick the one product that always captures my eyeballs, whether it be walking through an airport, flipping through a Playbill during intermission at a Broadway show, or spotting countless bottles on vanities in movies and TV shows, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Recovery Serum would win, hands down. That brown bottle: unmistakable.

Two years ago, Estee Lauder updated the legendary formula–a move that was greatly appreciated by skincare enthusiasts and one that I covered in this post. This summer, the brand launched Advanced Night Repair Rescue Solution, replacing Intense Reset Concentrate, which has been phased out, and yet another ancillary to the original that didn’t stick around all that long. So, what’s new and different? More below.

What is it?

The new Rescue Solution is your go-to for nights on which your skin needs that extra soothing touch. Think: on a long day after having been exposed to harsh weather, after a long haul flight, post a resurfacing facial–basically, after anything that compromises or potentially irritates the skin. Loyalists to the original will find this their SOS button or simply a calming answer on nights when less potent serums are the way to go. Having used both, I find Rescue Solution to be lighter in texture than the original. Much lighter actually. And while both formulas come in dropper bottles, the new launch offers a press down pump dropper instead of a squeeze tip. 

Who is it for?

The latest Estee Lauder launch is technically suitable for all skin types but may be the most fitting option for sensitive and/or redness-prone complexions. However, if you rely on chemical peels regularly or require a soothing formula after deeper exfoliation at home, you will be very pleased with the Rescue Solution. For those of you who found the original ANR classic too potent, this new launch will deliver the same key ingredient with its prebiotic magic and will keep your skin biome balanced and undisturbed.

What’s in it?

Similar to the Advanced Night Repair multi-serum that started it all, Rescue Solution is also powered by 15% Bifidus Ferment. This type of prebiotic can boost the skin’s immune response and calm stressed skin upon application. Additionally, the formula includes Yeast Extract, which has a soothing effect on fragile, irritated skin. The serum also includes a collagen-boosting peptide blend which is exclusive to the brand. It’s a very thoughtfully formulated treatment.

When to use it?

As the name implies, the Estee Lauder ANR range is recommended for night time use. Why? Because our skin is most susceptible to product absorption and recovery at night. It’s a lovely addition to the ANR family and one that layers well under any face oil or richer moisturizer. I likely won’t be using this newness every night myself, but I will absolutely keep it on hand when I travel or after more rigorous resurfacing treatments to help soothe, repair, and strengthen my skin. 

$78 (.68 oz) at skinstore.com where you can save 25% with code BART25 (making it $58.50)

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