Dr. Jart+ Cicapair – What’s New & What’s Updated

Since my skin rarely, if ever, gets sensitive, the soothing and calming Cicapair range by Dr. Jart+ hasn’t been on my radar all that much. I’ve always gravitated towards the Ceramidin Liquid and sheet masks as my combination skin thrives after a single application of these lightweight formulas. Recently, the brand sent over their fully stocked Cicapair Rescue Kit and I decided to indulge in the assortment of reformulated classics and new launches. Truth is, I’ve been away from home for a bit, there was a miserable heatwave, and quite a bit of rosé in-between. Read: soothing potions needed. 

What is Cica?

The full scientific name of this exotic herb is Centella Asiatica. You may also have encountered it in other brands’ formulas as Gotu Kola (it’s part of Kat Burki’s signature fusion named KB5). Many refer to Cica as Tiger Grass since tigers rub their wounds into patches of this plant to help promote healing and calm irritation. In the world of human skincare rituals, it is a staple of those with sensitive skin types since it calms inflammation and minimizes redness. So it is no wonder that Dr. Jart+ made this botanical extract a star of the entire collection. Be aware however, that it is a star in name mostly. Centella Asiatica Extract appears either last or one before last on every product’s ingredient deck.

Fun fact: Dr. Jart+ uses its own proprietary blends in every Cicapair formula: Jartbiome™ to strengthen, Centella Rx to protect, and Cicabond™ to repair and rebuild stressed skin. While piecing together what exactly goes into each complex is kinda sorta undisclosed (because proprietary), a second glance at each box reveals fantastic ingredient highlights like Niacinamide, Probiotics, Neem Leaf, and Algae Extracts. Unlike many cica-centric formulas which happen to be unscented, these products evoke subtle notes of lavender and bergamot (a personal win for me). 

Most of us have tried the Cicaplast Baume B5 from La Roche-Posay because it works so well on irritated skin. It’s just slightly heavy and greasy, and not that user friendly. I’ve always used it as more of an emergency cream to put on a stubborn dry patch or a burn while binge watching something at home. On me, it just doesn’t absorb all that well. I do like the IOPE Cica cream quite a bit but find it now to offer limited versatility against the Dr. Jart+ Cicapair range. The Cicapair collection offers an accommodating array of formulas to help you find the perfect soothing boost that fits not only your skin type but a preferred step in your routine. 

What’s new?

Dr. Jart+ updated two of their existing products (Serum and Color Correcting Treatment) and launched two brand new formulas (Calming Gel Cream and Mist) to complement the existing line up of Camo Drops and face Cream. There has also been an upgrade to the clunky metal tube the cream came in — which is now made of plastic. Since I’ve put every single tube, bottle, and jar to the test over the last couple of weeks, below is a quick bullet-point rundown of what I will reach for occasionally or most likely never again. And what I plan to never be without. 


  • thin, water-like consistency
  • absorbs great under both morning and night moisturizer
  • instantly soothing, lightly hydrating
  • helped to calm my cheeks after over-exfoliating with an acid toner
  • can easily see this become a new staple of mine

Camo Drops

  • lightweight (almost runny) lotion-like texture
  • it’s a milky solution that cancels the appearance of redness by lending its slightly green hue to the skin
  • on my combination skin this could work as a treatment serum or lightweight moisturizer depending on time of year
  • it definitely worked on my slightly red patches but since my over-exfoliation episodes are rather rare, I will probably not use this regularly

Color Correcting Treatment SPF 30

  • easily spreadable rich, creamy texture
  • my light to medium skin with quite neutral undertones looks slightly ashy after blending it in (very reminiscent finish of the first BB creams I would try years ago)
  • if you’re fair to light and struggle with redness, this will no doubt work for you
  • the formula offers physical sunscreen so be aware that it does have a little weight to it and the finish, while matte, is a tad heavy on my combination skin

Calming Gel Cream

  • truly lightweight gel-cream texture
  • fast absorbing, non-tacky finish, easily layered my SPF on top during the day
  • it soothes on contact and delivers lasting hydrating
  • Worked brilliantly as a calming mask — applied a thick layer for 20 minutes
  • one of my favorite formulas, very hydrating and soothing 


  • lovely cream/balm that glides on the skin beautifully
  • there is a slight finish reminiscent of a traditional makeup primer, perhaps the dimethicone is more pronounced in this particular formula
  • during the heatwave, it was a bit too rich for my skin (no surprises there as the gel cream was a perfect fit) but will definitely work as the weather gets cooler

Calming Mist

  • equipped with a super fine mist component to deliver a veril of soothing hydration
  • easily fits into any skincare routine and doubles as a toner or treatment mist
  • travel-friendly packaging and application method
  • non-sticky finish
  • tops my personal list of Cicapair favorites

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