Honey, I shrunk your Eye Cream. – Men’s latest anti-aging concern, advice from a PRO and my favorite formulas!

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Dude, Where’s My Eye Cream? – images via Google

The fastest growing market corner within the ginormous beauty industry, men’s grooming is studded with formulas that go way beyond the familiar basics. More educated consumers and definitely more aware of trends and their appearance, even the bar soap kinds of guys opt for the impressive Dove Men+Care multi-taskers. You may be surprised to know, however, that what men seem to be very interested in lately are… eye creams. *blank stare*

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A constant in my day and night time routines for over a decade, an eye cream is an anti-aging step I refuse to skip. It wasn’t until this year when I began to enjoy the countless gender specific inventions, each with a set of marketing claims that made me wonder. So I asked a pro.

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Always trust a well-groomed doc. Dr. Terrence Keaney – Board-certified dermatologist. Pioneer in Gender-Specific Dermatology. image via Google

Dr. Terrence Keaney, a board certified dermatologist specializing in men’s skin, was kind enough to let me pick his brain as I prepare to shed some light on the reality of aging, especially around the eyes. On dudes. If you’ve wondered if you need an eye cream – below are key facts to keep in mind that I’ve compiled after our chat.

  • Men are, indeed, at a higher risk for developing aging concerns around the eyes because of physiological distinctions: our orbit opening is larger making us develop eye related concerns earlier in life.
  • The story that there are no oil glands around the eye? That’s all myth. Dr. Keaney confirms that while the skin is thinner and more unique in that part of our face, it produces oil but can benefit from additional moisture.
  • Lack of moisture is behind the aging signs like crepey and tired looking eyes.
  • The delicate skin around our eyes is moving constantly, hence more likely to develop fine lines and wrinkles prematurely.
  • When making a purchase, pay attention to buzz words like ‘hypoallergenic’ and ‘antioxidants’ (think Green Tea, Resveratrol or Vitamins C and E), which protect against free radical damage.
  • Remember that not only are our eyes exposed to allergens, the eyelids are extremely sensitive and prone to irritation – opt for soothing and calming formulas.
  • There is no need to spend $500 on an eye treatment according to Dr. Terrence Keaney who also happens to be a Dove Men+Care expert – if you’re not ready to shop for an eye cream yet, make sure your face moisturizer can be extended to the eye area (like the Dove Men+Care Ultra Hydrating Cream).

For those intrigued by the facts above, here are my personal favorites:

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye

Yes, Kiehl’s delivers a handful of men specific eye care products within their Facial Fuel and Age Defender ranges. However, I cannot recommend the Midnight Recovery Eye formula highly enough. All around superb, it is loaded with moisture replenishing, firming and strengthening botanicals. It boasts Shea Butter, Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oil among others as well as Squalane, Cucumber, Aloe and Turmeric Root Extract to revive and firm the fatigue prone skin under the eyes. Free of fragrance, mineral oils, parabens and silicones, it is a masterpiece of a treatment–a must-have addition to your evening grooming routine. $37 (15ml) kiehls.com, nordstrom.com

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AHAVA Men Age Control All-In-One Eye Care

This day and night wonder is a lightweight gel lotion hybrid infused with the brand’s signature Dead Sea Water to soothe and hydrate even those with skin sensitivities. Choc full of complexion perfecting plant extracts (Aloe, Calendula, Camellia, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, etc), it also features skin brightening Vitamin C and conditioning Vitamin E. In short, this is one exceptional option. The travel friendly pump bottle scores it another star. $28 (15ml) ahava.com, nordstrom.com

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Lab Series MAX LS Instant Eye Lift

Created exclusively for the men’s grooming market, Lab Series has yet to disappoint me when it comes to their targeted skincare innovations. If you’re experiencing dryness, dark circles or if the skin under your eyes is looking dull and crepey, the Instant Eye Lift erases signs of exhaustion while delivering intense hydration and a visibly brightened appearance. Packed with Aloe, Green Tea, Cucumber, Caffeine, Algae and Hydrolyzed Rice Extracts, it also includes a hint of mica to instantly address the shadows under your eyes – with no trace of shimmer or iridescence. Major thumbs up. $52 (15ml) labseries.com, nordstrom.com

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PROFILE Revive Under Eye Rescue

New to me, this men’s high performance range of products is pretty impressive. More of a hydrating treatment, the Revive Under Eye Rescue sports a metal rollerball applicator to deliver a cooling sensation as it minimizes puffiness and increases circulation. Infused with a trio of ingredients sourced from the Amazonian Rain Forest (Ginseng, Muira Puama, Madonna Lily), this firming and energizing savior is rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Yerba Mate, Oat and Apple Extracts. The thinnest of all my picks, it’s a great hydrator but not a stellar moisturizer. If the skin under your eyes tends to get dry, use this to depuff and apply moisturizer on top. $39.50 (15ml) nordstrom.com, profile4men.com

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Keep in mind:

  • Apply in a patting motion, avoiding direct contact with eyes.
  • If irritation occurs, rinse with water, throw it out or return it, see a doctor – in that order.
  • Focus on the outer corner of the eye where expression lines develop the fastest (aka crow’s feet).
  • If an eye cream makes your skin feel dry, it has to go.

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  1. BeautyandTheBoy
    September 3, 2016 / 2:53 pm

    I am obsessed with the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream right now pair that with the Hylamide SubQ eyes serum and its a winning pair!


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