Dry Skin Solutions for the Body (Winter ’17 Edit)

Hot baths and long showers, it goes without saying, can help fight the winter blues. The downside? My skin has been dry, tight and itchy, of late. The ashy look is also very unbecoming. Though I regularly advocate proper face care, I, too am guilty of too often skipping body moisturizer. As in all the time. Until now. I’m happy to introduce a few of my recent discoveries: super user-friendly and effective solutions for dry skin that are easy to integrate even during life’s busiest or laziest moments.

Bioderma Atoderm PP Baume

Best-known for their micellar water, Bioderma offers a crazy wide range of amazing skin care. There isn’t a body formula I dislike but the Atoderm PP Baume is hands down my all-time favorite. Extremely lightweight, this ultra-nourishing balm’s almost a gel-cream texture sinks into dry skin within seconds. Loaded with a proprietary vitamin blend, it comforts itchy skin on contact and delivers lasting hydration. Personally, I reach for it in the morning because I’m able to dress immediately after applying it. Genius. $14.90 beautylish.com

from French pharmacy with love
you would think a ‘balm’ would be heavier, this is very lightweight

Avène XeraCalm A.D Lipid Replenishing Cream

This rich cream may take a minute to absorb but it’s the best 60 seconds you can gift dry, irritated skin. Fueled by the magical Avène Thermale Spring Water, this soothing formula is ideal for anyone with heightened sensitivities brought on by the cold weather. Infused with healing and anti-inflammatory Evening Primrose Oil, the XeraCalm cream is suitable for the face and body of infants and adults alike. It’s that gentle. No longer a French pharmacy exclusive, the range is way easier to find nowadays. Luckily! $33 aveneusa.com, dermstore.com

best for dry skin emergencies
richer than most of my daily body moisturizers, worth the extra minute

Curél Hydra Therapy

Having avoided all the ‘in-shower moisturizers’ for quite some time, Curél Hydra Therapy just became one of my finest drugstore conquests. Completely non-greasy and packed with barrier strengthening Ceramides as well as moisture locking Glycerin and Shea Butter, this lifesaver of a lotion is a winter must-have. After showering, apply it to damp skin, which definitely feels weird at first. Give your body a few minutes to absorb it and then pat yourself dry before getting dressed. The subtle cocoon of moisture keeps you itch-free for hours. Major perk for the $10ish price point. target.com, cvs.com, etc.

drugstore find alert!
goes on damp skin (not soaking wet)

There really isn’t need to look beyond the drugstore for daily body care essentials. Most in-shower and lotion options are easily accessible at budget-friendly prices. Looking to splurge? Go crazy with facial serums, oils, and moisturizers.

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