Five Stars – MIZON Returning StarFish Cream

When I first heard of the MIZON Returning StarFish Cream, the whole concept sounded a bit fishy. Luckily, I’ve been enjoying some snail secretion infused face products from this unique Korean beauty brand (another post altogether and coming soon, I promise) so without over thinking, I dove headfirst into deep waters of skincare newness. The cream that sounded like a complete novelty, has actually become one of my most reached for during the last few weeks. The Returning StarFish Cream is definitely not being filed under ‘return to sender’.

With 70% StarFish Extract in its formula, the Returning Cream claims to address a pentagon of issues: loss of moisture, volume, brightening, renewing, and anti-aging. Renewing properties most likely tie in to the starfish’s ability to grow out its limbs, which they can do at the same time up to all five. With minimal research on the effectiveness of starfish extract in skincare, this cream may be a hit or miss to some. While I absolutely love it, I am hopelessly searching for a disclaimer along the lines of ‘no starfish were harmed during the making of this cream.’

MIZON Returning StarFish Cream
MIZON Returning StarFish Cream

Maybe because starfish consist of calcium primarily, the cream is bone white in appearance. It is actually strobe light white – I might check if it glows in the dark. Its calcium exterior protects starfish against predators, which *may* explain why I feel safer at night as of late. MIZON Returning StarFish Cream features the same bounce back technology as the Dolce & Gabbana Aurealux Eye Gel I wrote about. And, while I never use the spatulas included with face creams, I thank my lucky starfish for this one. Finally, one that actually serves it purpose!

Returning StarFish Cream glides on and applies easily. Non-greasy and most likely a great fit for all skin types except very oily, it leaves a rather dewy finish. There is actually a very subtle glisten to it after it absorbs. I look like I’ve just stepped out of the ocean each time I put it on. In slow motion obviously. The scent of this MIZON cream is extremely light. Having never smelled a starfish myself, if its scent reminisce crystal clear waters with a hint of warm sand, the company has nailed it.

Spatula #WERK
Spatula #WERK

Besides the 70% starfish extract, The Returning Cream also contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, and skin conditioning oils, making it a great formula– especially for overnight use. Immediately hydrating, it brightens and renews with consistent use and while I cannot speak of anti-aging and volumizing changes yet, I am definitely finishing my jar. Speaking of, it is packaged in a gold toned pot with a cartoonish lid design that says cutesy without being too corny.  Priced at around $25 and available via, where I trust select MIZON sellers from Korea, this is a really neat moisturizer.

Also available at for $32, along with many more MIZON products.


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