Unsung Heroes of Maelove: The Refresher & The Exfoliator

The gang’s all here!

Maelove is best known for its range of targeted treatment serums that highlight some of the most effective ingredients at pleasantly approachable price points. As a fan of Moonlight and Fade Away, both of which I have covered on the blog over the years, I’m also a superfan of two formulas that fly under the radar: The Refresher and The Exfoliator. This cleverly formulated duo offers a back-to-back cleansing and resurfacing experience, which is a crucial 2-step process prior to applying other treatment products. More on this pair below. 

Lasts forever, too.

The Refresher

This creamy face wash checks off a lot of boxes for me: it’s foaming, comes in a bottle with a pump dispenser, feels refreshing, and is gentle enough to be used twice a day. More importantly, it removes all impurities and sunscreen in a single step without drying out the skin. For those who fear essential oils, there are certain levels at which these are safe to use and won’t compromise the skin barrier. There is no need to demonize the hint of peppermint and spearmint…I promise you, after using The Refresher morning and night, my complexion hasn’t experienced any symptoms of dermatitis. 

Pearlescent perfection.

What else makes The Refresher so special in my book? The triple blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids: Lactic, Malic, and Tartaric to be exact, provides mild exfoliation during the cleansing process. Another perk: one pump per application is plenty of product. I usually get away with half a pump when I use my Foreo LUNA 4 device. If you like a frothy wash that’s just a tiny bit zingy and won’t leave the skin suspiciously squeaky clean, you’re going to love it. 

Ideal duo.

The Exfoliator

If you struggle with easily congested complexion or enlarged appearance of pores, you have to try The Exfoliator. It’s a paste-like scrub mask hybrid that is powered by Salicylic Acid and pulverized clay to gently exfoliate and draw out toxins. When neglected, environmental pollutants can cause excess oil build-up and result in dreaded (and unappealing) blackheads. To prevent any potential dryness, Maelove has infused the formula with Glycerin, Allantoin, Vitamin E as well as skin brightening Niacinamide. Since my skin is far from sensitive, I’ve been pleased with the great results, having incorporated it into my routine twice a week.

Definitely one of my favorites.

The beauty of this exfoliating solution lies in its flexibility. You can use The Exfoliator on dry or damp skin, as a mask for 5 minutes, or, as I do, spot treat the T-zone as I get ready in the morning. Since the formula isn’t too grainy, I apply it on dry skin to the more congestion-prone areas only, hop in the shower, and massage the product around for a minute. Then, rinse. Admiring visibly noticeable results in the appearance of my pores immediately after using The Exfoliator never gets old. For those curious about fragrance, there is just a hint of a floral note, which I find very pleasant. In my humble opinion, this one is the true unsung hero of Maelove. 

The Refresher $19.95 (4.7 oz.), The Exfoliator $24.95 (1.7 oz.) at maelove.com

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