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Somewhere between the Kardashian effect and Instagram filters, looking our best has become a necessary evil. Spin studios and juice bars aside, unless you are insanely disciplined or blessed in the gene department, losing stubborn fat is a massive pain in the ass for most of us mortals. Literally.

Just last month, the freshly FDA approved innovation made waves among pop culture addicts and Bravo TV connoisseurs with Kyle Richards of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills announcing her partnership with SculpSure. Completely non-invasive and the safest yet, the concept of archaic liposuction is taken to new levels of efficacy using laser technology to address and correct the most stubborn fat areas. Best part? Wait for it, wait for it… in twenty five minutes.


As with any celebrity endorsed newness, SculpSure is bound to get booked up fast. Since full on results are visible after about eight to ten weeks, you have just enough time to get all the help necessary before skin season hits. When an opportunity presented itself to receive a complimentary treatment, obviously the first thought was: where do I sign?

SculpSure is completely non-invasive, but still requires a plastic surgeon, so find someone with whom you are comfortable. If you live on the East Coast, I cannot recommend Dr. Peter Neumann highly enough. With thirty five years in private surgical practice and as Senior Attending Surgeon at North Shore LIF Hospital, he utilizes his craft to build your confidence. Friendly and direct, he walked me through the procedure ensuring I was at ease.



If you’re struggling with a stomach, love handles, thighs, or arms that you want a bit smaller, SculpSure is an excellent choice to consider. Four weeks after my treatment, here is what you need to know:

  • SculpSure is absolutely painless. There may be some slight discomfort as the four tubes with laser attachments get strapped onto your body under a light layer of conductive gel. The twenty five minutes will fly by.
  • The SculpSure body contouring experience uses hot and cold temperatures that gradually yoyo throughout the process. As the laser nods warm up gently, they reach a level of heat that indicate a possible burn, but there is nothing to worry about. The temperature drops immediately before another warming cycle. It’s actually kind of cool. No pun intended.
  • There is absolutely no downtime with SculpSure. Nobody had to pick me up and there were no bruises. I drove home without a problem with the seat belt. This rivals the lunchtime facelift for convenience.
  • Completely unique and truly one of a kind, SculpSure destroys up to 24% of the fat cells targeted during treatment permanently. Dr. Neumann explained to me that we have a fixed number of fat cells and that we do not grow more of them when we gain weight. Existing fat cells grow. After SculpSure, you lose some of the fat and have less chance of gaining it back in the future. Can’t argue with logic, right?
  • SculpSure treatments are tailored to deliver precise results exactly where you need them. Each procedure utilizes four laser arms that attach to an area of concern. Most importantly, each area can be treated more than once over time. You’re the boss and SculpSure wants you to be happy and looking great.
  • Guys – don’t feel excluded. We may have more areas to cover so plan ahead, possibly double up on those love handles and be patient. Also, if you opt for the stomach, a six-pack won’t magically show up after three months. Think of SculpSure as a clean slate and a new beginning. Investing in a treatment doesn’t green light three burgers per week. Just saying.

If you have pinchable fat and live close to NYC, most definitely visit Dr. Neumann at his Nassau Plastic Surgical Associates in Roslyn, New York. For consultation, prices and appointment, call 516.484.0800 or visit


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