Handsome Heroes (by Beauty Heroes) Mr. Fox Men’s Green Grooming Collection

Fascinating to observe, male grooming has evolved to something fierce in the beauty industry. Probably the fastest growing market segment, men are inspiring countless brands to concentrate on them as the latest audience eager to explore anti-aging products and caring for their skin. Focusing on the green-curious and green-conscious, the pioneer of ‘good for us’ and ‘good for the environment’ self-care discoveries that is Beauty Heroes has recently launched the limited edition Handsome Heroes box. Spoiler alert: guys, you have to check it out.

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The Box

Launched by Jeannie Jarnot, the concept behind the box is to focus on the best of the best within the green beauty space. Saving us the hits and misses at a treasure hunt, Beauty Heroes delivers a superstar formula with a deluxe sidekick pairing to satisfy the pickiest aficionado of all things clean. The newly released Mr. Fox Men’s Collection by LILFOX showcases three full size grooming finds that feature ingredients with unique masculine energy. Most importantly, they help us look, well… foxy.

into it (mostly as a mask)

Cupu-Cool Rainforest Moisture Jelly Balm

Oh, the intrigue! As a fan of balms (cleansing, healing, multi-purpose), I was most ecstatic to try this exotic sounding concoction. More of a soft balm than a traditional jelly, the luxurious texture melts into the skin on contact. A true hybrid formula, Cupu-Cool is a very good cleanser cleanser, a genius fatigue fighting face mask, and a fantastic moisturizer for guys worried about dull, congested, or sallow looking complexions.


What’s in it? Cupuaçu Butter, Cannabis Sativa Oil, and a handful of plant extracts, peptides, and Hyaluronic Acid to deep clean, soften, and energize the skin. The earthy, woodsy aroma is equal parts herbaceous and sophisticated. For those of you planning to use Cupu-Cool to cleanse your face, apply only a small amount to dry skin, massage it in, and remove it with a hot washcloth.

Personally, I prefer this at the end of the day as my combination skin does better with balm textures as evening cleansers and overnight moisturizers. As a man who masks (A LOT), I find this gem delivers on every promise. Think of this as a 15-minute solution to calm, rejuvenate, and balance. This one’s a fixer. $58 (50ml)

so good


Too legit. Completely new to LILFOX, I am now inspired to explore all formulas within the brand. This sustainably harvested Sandalwood hydrosol is infused with smoky quartz and a touch of Lactic Acid to help us all live an incredible post-shave life. It offers much-needed hydration, we don’t have to contend with the usual razor bumps, and the lingering scent is subtle yet sexy and mysterious. The bottle is massive at 100ml, but I am going through it dangerously fast. It’s *that* good.

Why would you need a mist? Think of Sandalo as toner on roids. More than a refreshing addition to your grooming regimen, you can use it after shaving and anytime throughout the day. Perfect under or over a moisturizer, it delivers an aromatherapy experience with the benefits of skincare. Major props for the nozzle component, which creates ultra fine mist. If you plan to keep this one in your gym bag, take extra precautions with the glass bottle. I’d be devastated if it shattered. $48 (100ml)

small but mighty

Man About Mojave

Full disclosure: I’ve ignored anything labeled ‘beard oil’ for years. That’s only because my facial hair is limited to sporting a creepy looking stache for the Movember event (nobody looks more like an eighties German porn star with a mustache than yours truly). All this priceless info aside, Man About Mojave is a Face + Beard Oil that guys should incorporate into their face care edit. Facial hair or not.

all skin types friendly

What’s in it? The carefully crafted blend of Prickly Pear, Grapeseed, Jojoba, Hemp, and Argan Oils is infused with succulent plant extracts and aromatics such as Vetiver, Patchouli, Green Mandarin, and Rosemary. A touch of Black Cumin Seed Oil ensures superb antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits as well. In spite of the robust sounding ingredient deck, Man About Mojave has a surprisingly light scent (all natural, of course).

For guys who fear the texture and finish of an oil, I recommend that they mist their face with Sandalo first. Press a few drops of Man About Mojave to barely damp skin. This way, the oil will absorb more easily and quickly, leaving behind a healthy glow without a trace of shine. The compact bottle is ideal for travel when your skin may need that extra boost of moisture and nourishment. $28 (10ml)

you’re gonna like the way you look

Thoughts (urgent)

Handsome Heroes is not available as a monthly subscription (yet?), so the Mr. Fox Men’s Collection is bound to sell out fast. I’m new to the brand, but not to the eco-luxe movement and I am thrilled about this extension. My experience is that gender-specific skincare lines for the mass market created only for men continue to be a poor representation of our needs. LILFOX’s carefully curated edit of luxurious yet mindful formulas is a much-appreciated step forward in green beauty.

Explore the entire LILFOX range at beauty-heroes.com but don’t wait to snag your Handsome Heroes. The box is currently available for the crazy good price of $65 (actual value is $141, um hello?!).

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  1. May 28, 2018 / 3:28 pm

    Its so hard to shop for gifts for guys. There is only so many ties and colognes you can buy over and over again. This box is a great idea! Thanks for the suggestion!

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