The New FOREO Luna 3 Is The Softest Face Brush Ever

I feel comfortable saying there isn’t a facial brush I haven’t tried. I purchased my first Clarisonic in 2008. Loved it, but I wasn’t consistent and got lazy getting brush head replacements. When I received the much touted by Vogue FOREO Luna circa 2014, I officially made the switch. Since then, I’ve used both versions of the innovative device. One can experience my enthusiasm for this pulsating silicone gadget in the multiple gift-guides and grooming round-ups I’ve authored in recent years. 

A few weeks ago, I chatted up the FOREO team at a Space NK event and got the scoop on the latest upgrade — Luna 3. Generously gifted a pink device of my very own, I couldn’t wait to get home and charge it. Saying the third time’s the charm would imply that previous models weren’t great, which is very much not the case. This new launch however, elevates the concept of sonic technology and delivers a unique cleansing experience with anti-aging benefits. I know it almost sounds hokey but hear me out. 

What and why?

If you’re new to Luna, the futuristic looking tool utilizes T-Sonic™ pulsations (8,000 per minute!) to amplify your basic face washing routine. The smooth surface of the cleverly designed brush head helps to dislodge the most stubborn bits and pieces of sunscreen or makeup. Even if you already like your cleanser, by combining it with Luna, you will maximize its benefits. Think of a deeper clean that is shockingly gentle on the skin. Don’t expect a spinning brush – this is NOT an exfoliating tool.

What’s new about Luna 3?

A lot. If you were impressed by how well previous models held their charge, the new one will work an impressive 650 times after getting juiced up. The ‘bristly’ touchpoints are now 30% longer, 25% softer, and cover 30% more of the front-facing surface. In a subtle turnaround move, the power button is now on the back of the device, below the part you use during anti-aging massage mode (after washing your face, turn the Luna 3 over, and enjoy the pulse point massage to help drain the face puffing lymphatic fluid).  After a minute, all your fancy serums will absorb much better.

Luna 3 is color-coded to help you achieve the best results: pink is for normal skin, purple for sensitive skin, and blue for combination skin. I am hearing the slate grey Luna 3 for Men is coming soon. As always, this nifty gadget is completely waterproof. 

Get the App

It may be because I’m Polish (everything takes me a while) that I wasn’t able to turn on my Luna 3 until after downloading the app. Look for FOREO in the app store, get it, register the device, sync it by holding the power button when prompted, and enjoy. The app also allows you to personalize some settings such as the pulsation intensities (16 choices). Enjoy guided face and neck firming massage options and activate them directly from the app. I don’t plan to start my face cleansing via the app but were you to wish to do so, you can set it go off remotely. Go ahead…scare the shit out of your significant other when they’re in the shower. 

Cleansers dos and don’ts 

A foaming gel or cream is my favorite accoutrement to Luna 3. Whichever you choose, be sure it does not contain exfoliating bits since they can be way harsh on the skin. If you’re a cleansing bar user (Drunk Elephant, for example) get the lather going, apply to the face, and then pick up your device. If you’re enjoying a novelty type cleanser such as the boscia jelly ball thingy, Luna won’t play well with it. Now, onto cleansing balms. I have had great luck with water soluble balms (Emma Hardie and Elemis, to name a few) but I don’t  recommend oil-based formulas, which won’t liquify with water. 

Yay or nay?

So much yay. This is my third Luna and if FOREO weren’t always feeling so innovative, I would still be enjoying my first. The new improvements are much appreciated, especially the touchpoints detail. Kudos for not jacking up the price since entering the market — the new Luna 3 retails for $199.

Available at and coming to early July!


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