First Impressions: Omorovicza Silver Savior Mask

Since my far-from-sensitive skin rarely breaks out (knock on wood and watch me jinx it…), I pay little attention to launches of new formulas created to address acneic or problematic complexions. I never ignore new products from Omorovicza, however, a luxury spa range most known for the iconic Queen of Hungary face mist. 

Recently launched Silver Skin Savior is part of a treatment trifecta formulated specifically for those who struggle with surface imperfections. This is good news for fans of quick fixes and instantly gratifying solutions — and the Mask is now available. Scheduled to arrive later this summer are Tonic and Lotion, which complete the system. 

As a brand that transitions comfortably from luxury spas to high-end retailers, Omorovicza delivers both an indulgent user experience and impressive results. I’m a fan of the signature mud mask (and the moor version, as well) and am thrilled to see another gorgeous glass jar display its chic aesthetic sinkside. Let’s chat about what’s inside though!

What is the newness all about?

The new Silver Saviour Mask is a rinse-off treatment that utilizes the power of skin smoothing acids (Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic), pore refining Niacinamide, and antibacterial colloidal silver to help calm inflammation on contact. Each Omorovicza formula is infused with the brand’s signature healing complex, which highlights Hungarian thermal waters.

Twice per week, apply a generous layer on clean skin and leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. If you’re dealing with a stubborn breakout, you can use it as a spot treatment. Since the mask is soft-drying, I recommend your leaving it on while watching a movie vs. overnight. This way, you’ll avoid staining your pillow case.

First impressions: the new Silver Savior mask is all about texture — it’s a dense gel balm that almost feels a little bit waxy. It spreads surprisingly well and you don’t need much product to achieve a generous layer application. There’s minimal scent to the formula though fragrance is listed halfway down the ingredient deck. 

If you’re thinking acid may cause burning, tingling or redness after washing it off — your concerns are legit. Personally, I’ve experienced none of the above but my combination and congestion-prone skin is not sensitive in the least. Those with sensitive skin may benefit from a preliminary patch test. Alternatively, consider limiting the length of treatment to a few minutes. After a couple of uses, I believe this mask is ‘the most active’ of the Omorovicza formulas I have tried. 

Yay or Nay

I predict my jar will be empty come end of summer. It’s a great bi-weekly treatment that complements my exfoliating habits (acid toners, etc) and delivers visible results. No miracles but my skin appears less dull and a bit brighter. At $95, the price tag remains prestigious. At the same time, Silver Savior lands as Omorovicza’s most affordable mask to date.

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