Cooling It – Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid

During the summer months, I always advocate avoiding at least two things: overexposure to the sun and experimenting with Retinol products. Well, I broke both rules last week and with countless new products to try my skin was exhibiting more flare than flair. So, I had to cool it. Luckily I had Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Liquid in my stash! #idowhatiwant

Dr Jart+ (still unsure what the plus sign means) launched in Korea 10 years ago and I am pretty sure began the BB cream craze with its ‘Color Cream’. In 2008, the oh-so-amazing, now defunct Takashimaya in New York City was the only place to get the Dr. Jart+ line. Many years and formulas later, the entire Dr. Jart+ range is available at Sephora.  You need to check it out. #InHautePursuit+

What is it exactly?

Ceramides hold together the outer layer of the skin’s surface. Think of them as the glue that gets compromised when your skin is weakened by dryness, the change of seasons, or harsh environmental conditions. Or too much sun and Retinol! Dr. Jart+ launched a liquid and cream Ceramidin duo last year to help those with temperamental skin retain moisture and soothe irritation. #GetWellSoon

*THAT* Liquid Tho…

The Ceramidin Liquid is a serum with the consistency of a thick toner or light lotion and is to be applied after cleansing and prior to moisturizing.  Its slight herbal scent will not bother the most sensitive skin. Give your face a brief massage by patting the Liquid in with your palms. Do not use a cotton ball or pad of any kind. That’s wasting product, girl. It absorbs immediately. #DownPat

There is a Cream, too!

While the Creamidin Cream is too rich for my combination skin, the Liquid works double shifts.  I love it both AM and PM on my days ‘off.’ I exfoliate like it’s my job so I find the soothing licorice root extract truly magical. Dr. Jart’s Ceramide 3 delivers time released moisture and aloe vera calms and hydrates. The addition of vitamin B helps to heal and soften irritated skin. #YouBetterWork

Dr. Jart+ has incredible social media presence so make sure to check out the Twitter and Instagram feeds. Yours truly was one of the winners of the Dr. Jart+ #ARTxSCIENCE Instagram contest. See? The brand’s aesthetic is spot on:  artsy with a heavy dose of science. Trendy and ambitious? Yes. Effective? VERY. Check out Dr. Jart+ at Sephora and try the Water Fuse Sleeping Mask, too. #whileyouweresleeping

Purchase your Ceramidin Liquid for $39 (5oz) at

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