Christophe Robin Purifying Shampoo with Jujube Bark Extract


Purge, detox, a clean break – however you describe it, your hair needs and craves a regularly scheduled purifying treatment. Think weekly. If you’ve mastered the art of a revived hair and scalp, you must be a Christophe Robin Paris Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt loyalist because legit, there is nothing better on the market. Removing product buildup and excess oil from root to tip, this gritty paste turn whipped froth is truly unbelievable.


The best entry point into the Christophe Robin Paris range of products, this Allure Beauty Award Winner has inspired a comprehensive lineup that features a newly launched daily shampoo–a must have in your life. For those who use styling products, dry shampoos, or deep conditioning treatments, the Purifying Shampoo with Jujube Bark Extract belongs in your shower. It’s pure heaven. Pun intended.

Purify does not equal dry.

Powerful yet gentle, the Christophe Robin Paris Purifying Salt Scrub is a genius solution you can enjoy up to twice a week. Sans dryness, irritation, or itch related discomfort. There is a chance every other day may not be enough TLC when facing conditions related to stress, pollution, diet, or use of the wrong products. Dandruff or scalp sensitivity issues need to be addressed daily, hence the Purifying Shampoo companion formula. Alternate it with the iconic scrub and you will be amazed by cleaner, softer, fresher hair.


The clear gel turn silky foam has a brisk floral aroma that doesn’t overpower and lingers just long enough after rinsing. Known for its healing properties over the centuries, the 100% natural extract from Jujube Bark soothes, permanently eliminates dandruff, and regulates excess sebum for shiny, healthy looking hair. Without any disturbing natural barrier nor stripping any color.


Salt Scrub or Shampoo?

You want both. Think of the paste as an intense weekly detox whose fabulous results are maintained with your daily shampoo. There is no menthol nor cool tingling promoted by other brands (which often feels like your scalp is on fire) and you will be impressed by the formulas that feel so luxurious. Don’t worry about the gritty texture of the scrub nor if the salt crystals that do not fully dissolve – the duo is still working its magic. Take your time and massage it into the scalp, wait a minute, and then rinse.


For an Extra Boost…

If your hair tends to get oily to the point that it looks limp mid-day, the Christophe Robin Purifying Hair Finish Lotion with Sage Vinegar is a game changer. The liquid in a spray bottle is a permanent fixture in my shower (in all three formulas actually) because there is nothing more refreshing than a spritz or four of this aromatic blend on freshly washed, still damp hair before toweling off. Infused with herbal vinegar (sage, thyme, lavender and rosemary), and evoking notes of citrus and spices, this re-balancing elixir protects color, adds vibrancy as it rids hair of any impurities. Gloss for days.


Shampoo $38 (8.33 oz.), Salt Scrub $52 (8.33 oz.), Rinse Lotion $48 (6.8 oz.) – available at

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