The Skincare Travel Duos You’ll Want To Pack This Summer

Yay for the return of summer travel. A big ass YAY, actually. If you’re anything like me, booking a getaway comes with the excitement of ensuring your favorite skincare is available in travel-friendly sizes. And while I do have a tendency to overpack, I recently discovered three duos that are ideal for all complexion-related on-the-go situations. These power couples address all your cleansing, toning, treating, masking, and moisturizing needs. And each is TSA-approved! There are only two additional items I recommend you pack: your favorite sunscreen and an eye cream. The eye cream, of course, is already available in a travel friendly 15ml size since which seems to be industry standard. 

ARCONA Glow & Go Duo

Covering the crucial steps of cleansing and toning, this ARCONA duo is a traveler’s dream. The White Tea Purifying Cleanser is a sublime foaming gel that gets your skin sparkling clean without triggering dryness or tightness. It also smells absolutely delicious — think a juicy, fruity, candy something. Following the indulgent cleansing experience, the Cranberry Toner hydrates the skin, helps refine the appearance of enlarged pores, soothes, and comforts. This is something my complexion is in dire need of since travel-related stress and free radical exposure tend to make me pretty haggard looking. You can’t beat the price —the duo (2 oz of each formula) is $20–but I recommend you try my code BART25 to score additional savings at 

Royal Fern Radiance Duo

This one is a splurge but as someone over forty, let me assure you that this Royal Fern power couple fights any effects on the skin from jet lag like a breeze. Each comes in a 30ml pump bottle and both proved to be unparalleled winners on my last Euro trip. Face coverings, time changes, and overall overindulgences had my complexion in constant need of rejuvenation. The Phytocactive Cream is among my all time favorite formulas and features the brand’s proprietary Royal Fern Extract to deliver a mega dose of antioxidant rich moisture and to propel collagen production. The Phytoactive Hydra-Firm Intense Mask is the ultimate reset button and takes exhausted, fatigued skin to red carpet level radiance in just 20 minutes. I want both formulas in jumbo sizes on my vanity but, for now, I am extremely grateful for the travel-friendly packaging of this duo. $260 at

Saint Jane Ideal Duo Minis

This gem-sized pair is all sorts of perfect when you don’t want to pack a full size face oil and treatment serum. Or maybe you’re new to Saint Jane and looking for a good gateway into the brand. At 5 ml each, these may strike you as a bit pixie, you only need a few drops of the Luxury Beauty Serum and The C-Drops to keep the skin glowing. The Serum is an absolutely stunning face oil and delivers ultimate nourishment while the full-spectrum CBD is fighting inflammation and calming the skin. The C-Drops combine skin brightening Vitamin C, CBD, and Ferulic Acid to help even out tone and make you appear brighter, more radiant, and generally blissfully awake at all times. $45 at

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