The New TULA Insta Bright Sheet Mask Makes Me Look Like a Merman and I Love It

New mask alert! TULA has launched a limited edition box of sheet masks for the holidays. So, yesterday I got sheet-faced taking a bath before heading out to dinner. With the Insta Bright Energizing & Brightening Sheet Mask. Ok, and a glass of white. This festive newness definitely lives up to its hype. My skin had an undeniable glow. I do have one minor pet peeve. More on that later.

The newness.

Insta Bright comes in a $26 four-pack (code OMGBART will save you an additional 20% on any order). If you have begun to shop for the holidays, this mask will make a great stocking stuffer. There’s a holographic disco ball slash fish scale pattern on the part of the sheet that faces out, which made me feel and look like a party merman when I tried it out in the tub. Bonus points for cute. Like, really cute.

What’s in it?

The ingredient deck is impressive. Every TULA formula spotlights Lactococcus Ferment Lysate aka the brand’s signature probiotic strain. These good bacteria ensure our skin flora is always balanced (TULA is Sanskrit for ‘balance’) and help improve elasticity. The ‘serum’ in which each mask is generously saturated, also includes Fermented Birch Water, Niacinamide, Sodium Hyaluronate, Chia Seed, Lotus Flower, Cornflower, and Camellia Leaf Extracts. It’s soothing, deeply hydrating, and definitely brightening. Think of the mask as your pre-party reset button.

Fit, etc.

TULA doesn’t skimp on size and the sheet covered my face very well. This includes most of my forehead, which can easily double as a projector screen on movie night. There is a light and pleasant all-natural botanical aroma (the formula is fragrance-free) and the leftover serum absorbs without feeling sticky. Some sheet masks leave me wanting to wash my face after removing them. This one isn’t one of them!

And then…

Now for my only gripe, admittedly minor… the paper sheet. Were Insta Bright a bio-cellulose fiber, it would be among the best sheet masks in my stash. Paper air dries naturally so it doesn’t stick to the face very long. In my experience, bio-cellulose sheets have the advantage of forcing the ingredients into the skin more effectively. I’ll look past this personal preference since the mask energized my complexion. I place the highest value on results and the Insta Bright Energizing & Brightening Sheet Mask delivers.

Available at for a limited time.


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