I finally got into Cica! feat. IOPE Derma Gentle Cream

For whatever reason, I never got on the ‘cica cream’ bandwagon. When it comes to my skin, I consider myself very lucky. It is naturally more oily than dry and reacts well to almost any product. It rarely needs calming nor soothing. Always prepared and just in case, however, I keep a tube of La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 on hand. However, those who have tried this particular French pharmacy favorite may agree that it’s not the most user-friendly daytime facial moisturizer.

Then a tube of IOPE Derma Gentle Cica Cream arrived. Since learning about IOPE this spring (it’s a popular and affordably-priced k-beauty brand under the AMOREPACIFIC umbrella), I’ve had great luck with their SPF 50 for men and Enlivening Contour Serum. The range is worth hunting down for those of you with access to an Aritaum store. Stateside retail is limited at the moment.

So, what is Cica?

The origin of the oddly abbreviated and semi-made-up name Cica is Centella Asiatica, its key ingredient. Also known as Tiger Grass or Gotu Kola, two of its label friendly names, and native to Asia, this plant is rich in amino and essential fatty acids and packed with niacin, beta-carotene and Vitamins C, A, B1, and B2. It’s going to calm, heal, and protect your skin. And do it well.

Why am I so into the IOPE formula?

It seems we have transitioned directly from summer to winter over the past two weeks (apparently fall is no longer a thing). Add to that, an overnight trip to Maine with friends and a new peel pad. My skin became parched, dehydrated, and just a little bit flaky, especially my chin, which is prone to breaking out and the most sensitive area on my face. Within days of adding the IOPE Cica Cream to my morning routine, all is balanced and comfortable again. That’s why I’m so into it.

What’s in it?

The formula is straightforward, dare I say, plain. Fueled by a trifecta of skin conditioning Centella Asiatica, Cypress Tree Leaf Extract, and Panthenol (aka Pro-Vitamin B5), this lightweight moisturizer is a soothing cocoon for skin that needs a break. If your skin becomes inflamed because of weather, over-exfoliation, or sensitivity to certain actives — try a cica cream. The IOPE version contains Shea Butter, so I avoid applying it to my T-zone to prevent congestion (though IOPE is non-greasy).

You will be thrilled to hear about what is NOT included in the Derma Gentle solution. It is free of parabens, silicones, dyes, mineral oil, and fragrance, making it a great fit for everyone, including those with the most sensitive skin types.

$32 (50ml) at aritaum.com


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