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Known for their direct, out-of-the-box approach, the self proclaimed Abnormal Beauty Company DECIEM freaked out everyone when they delivered The Ordinary range of serums a few weeks ago. The revolutionary line up is studded with straightforward formulas, driven by some of the most effective anti-aging actives and a single digit price point that will cause you a double take.


Wait, whaaaaaat???

That’s right, starting at five dollars and change (yes, American Dollars), each powerhouse treatment falls below fifteen bucks. Almost suspicious, right? While the industry’s marketers work to convince us that the promise of miraculous results justify astronomical price tags, it’s well known that the markup is among the highest in any industry. It took only a glimpse at an excel spreadsheet comparing them cost of goods and retail price while working in corporate luxury to open my eyes forever.

Now, I am the first to say that everyone should treat themselves with an occasional splurge from time to time. Regardless of your budget, becoming familiar with ingredients and their benefits while keeping your expectations realistic is crucial.


Applying a serum to cleansed, exfoliated skin can be a potent step in any skincare routine. Treatment does not always result in extra moisture, so I recommend that you layer it with a day or night cream. To seal the deal. Simple in composition, The Ordinaries bring on fluff free active ingredients such as Retinoids, Vitamins, Acids, Hydrators and Oils. This cornucopia of flawless options makes for a constantly evolving concept with more exciting formulas are coming soon.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure of enjoying Niacinamide 10%, Matrixyl 10% and “Buffet”. Blown away by the performance, I have just placed an order for three other potions because The Ordinaries are everything but.

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% • Zinc 1%

Only Paula’s Choice 10% Niacinamide Booster, which launched earlier this year, contains as high a concentration of Niacinamide. Until now. The Ordinary version is a steal and works just as well, maybe even better. Unlike the watery competition, this one is slightly more viscous in texture. Fast absorbing, it is flexible enough to be used day and night under any moisturizer. Known for its pore refining and healing properties, Vitamin B3 is a must for those with congested and uneven complexions. Make sure not to combine it with another Vitamin C product in your routine as Niacinamide affects the integrity of L-Ascorbic Acid. The $5.90 price tag (30ml) is beyond me but I’m definitely not going to argue.



The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% + HA

Hands down, among the most effective topical solutions for dramatically improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Matrixyl is one of my all time favorite ingredients in skincare. Popularized by Sederma, a French cosmetic chemical manufacturer, this anti-aging gem is present in some of the most coveted creams and serums around the world. None of which are $11.50 by the way…

The Ordinary blend combines two generations of Matrixyl: Matrixyl 3000 and Matrixyl Synthe’6 to deliver twice the firming power. Combined with the uber hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, this skin plumping medley is truly superb. Use it day and night and be patient. Within a few weeks, your skin will be visibly clearer, tighter and more vibrant.



The Ordinary “Buffet”

A great entry point to The Ordinary line, “Buffet” is the multi-tasker that addresses expression lines, uneven texture and surface dryness. This carefully concocted serum is packed with Matrixyl 3000, Matrixyl Synthe’6, countless peptides, and amino acids in an impressive concentration of 25.1%.

If you’re over thirty and your skin is losing firmness and overall vitality, this is a non-negotiable addition to absolutely every anti-aging skincare regimen. In a word, phenomenal, this medley is more of a Michelin starred tasting menu than a meal at an all you can eat buffet. Are you ready for this? It’s $14.80.



All Ordinaries are formulated without parabens, dyes, fragrances, mineral oil and other nasties. They’re also never tested on animals.

Available at

*press samples


The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% – Zinc 1%
The Ordinary Matrixyl 10% – HA
The Ordinary “Buffet”


  1. natalia
    October 25, 2016 / 5:52 pm

    As soon I go ending part of what I use, and I plan to invest in The Ordinary.

  2. Anna
    February 17, 2017 / 9:15 am

    Nice review! I’m on it. 😉

    Also, it’s a big plus that they do not test on animals.

  3. Magda
    April 29, 2018 / 5:05 pm

    Matrixyl is great for oily type skin, age 30 plus. Next I want to try The Buffet

  4. Eri
    August 20, 2018 / 4:38 pm

    Thanks for your review! Would you recommend applying all three of them in the same routine?

    • omgbart
      August 21, 2018 / 8:32 pm

      You certainly can but I prefer to use one serum at a time. These are lightweight enough to be cocktailed together so I’d probably mix instead of layering.

  5. Ina
    February 5, 2019 / 7:05 pm

    Hi. Could you please your routine when using these products?
    I am currently using TO Niacinamide and Matrixyl at night – 2x cleanse, BHA 2% (wait for 5 mins) then TO Matrixyl followed by TO Niacinamide.

    • omgbart
      February 23, 2019 / 7:04 am


      Personally, I probably wouldn’t be able to layer more than two serums per routine (either AM or PM) but I’ve worn Niaciniamide first with Buffet over it. I’ve also mixed Matrixyl and Buffet together. I much prefer the water based serums from TO I learned as I kept trying more formulas. I’ve moved away from most since writing this post. Have you tried the Garden of Wisdom ones? They’re pretty good, too. I like their Niacinamide, too.

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