TATCHA The Water Cream – My Oil-Free Moisturizer Upgrade for Spring

I mean… How gorgeous is this?

Transforming the daily skincare routine into a luxurious ritual, TATCHA delivers spa-like experiences with every launch. Released this month, The Water Cream, is already bringing copious amounts of hydration, comfort and joy to my face. Studded with complexion perfecting formulas, this gorgeous, sophisticated and truly effective brand can simply do no wrong. Many of you will recall my excitement over The Water Gel last year; I may officially have a new oil-free BFF moisturizer…

Out-of-the-box chic.

Water… Cream?

Sounds bizarre, right? Not a gel, not a fluid, it’s a water cream. Known for truly opulent concoctions, TATCHA turns the tables on the beauty landscape of textures and consistencies (The Silk Cream, anyone?) with their latest moisturizer. Catering to those with normal and normal-to-oily skin, the new addition is indeed extremely lightweight and breathable. More spun than whipped and a far cry the texture of conventional creams, the delicate and airy substance turns liquid-like as it melts into the skin. Hence, the water part of the name.

Unlike many other water based creams, this TATCHA masterpiece is all about flawless application, which makes The Water Cream truly special. No stickiness, tackiness, or taking forever to absorb. Fantastic over serums and under sunscreen, it provides a cushion of lasting hydration for a balanced, radiant, and poreless appearance.

Options: Water Cream vs. Water Gel

What’s in it?

Fueled by a balanced medley of botanical extracts, The Water Cream uses Japanese Wild Rose and Japanese Leopard Lily to calm and brighten dull and dehydrated skin. Infused with a proprietary blend of Uji Green Tea, Okinawa Mozuku Algae, and Akita Rice called Hadasei-3M™, this highly nourishing trinity detoxifies, renews, and promotes cellular turnover.

A touch of 23K Gold gives off a subtle and completely shimmer-free glow while harmonious florals serve up faint aromatherapy realness. Yes, a handful of silicones is present but if you fear the slippery finish many leave behind, no worries. The Water Cream feels nothing but elegant.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this design perfection.
Aesthetic on point.

Can we talk about that packaging?

This product enthusiast, skincare connoisseur, self-proclaimed packaging whore can’t get enough of the TATCHA aesthetic. Unwrapping each jar or bottle borders on ceremony. The Water Cream arrives in a stunning seafoam jar with a lid that casually houses a golden spatula in an intricate bow design holder. Do you die? Because it’s to die for.

Too legit.

A week in, this Gaysha is loving The Water Cream on his easily congested, temperamental skin. I predict this to be my go-to skin savior during summer travel. The lasting hydration is absolutely superb. If you need to address symptoms of aging, refine your pores and are seeking an oil-free moisturizer, look no further.

Simple (and ultra luxe) PM routine for my combination/congested skin during warmer weather.

Available at Sephora.com, Tatcha.com and Barneys.com. $68 (50ml). For every product sold on Tatcha.com, the company donates a day of school to Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program, a nonprofit that provides textbooks, life coaching skills, and mentorships to girls and young women across 9 African and Asian countries.

*press sample

Because giving back is chic.
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