Tarte Launches Knockout Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

Almost a year ago, tarte launched their knockout tingling treatment — and as much as I hate the term ‘dupe,’ it is as close as one can get to the cult favorite P50 1970 acid toner. Without the guilt that often results from a skincare splurge. This month, the acid trip continues as tarte has dropped a brand new knockout daily exfoliating cleanser. As a self-proclaimed AHA/BHA enthusiast, I didn’t waste any time washing my face after receiving tarte’s early access mailer last month. Scoop below. 

What is it?

The latest is an everyday, low-foaming face wash with a gel consistency. Its goal is to gently exfoliate, help refine the look of pores, and freshen up dull-looking skin. The brand describes it as ‘invigorating,’ which is spot on–the zippy, energizing aromatherapy, especially when used in the morning, is brought to you courtesy of peppermint and eucalyptus. Major props for the handy and convenient upright tube with a flip-top cap. 

What’s in it?

Personally, I am a big fan of the ingredient deck in this latest knockout addition. Hydrating Glycerin and Apple Extract ensure the skin won’t feel tight nor dry after rinsing. The blend of chemical exfoliants (Glycolic, Lactic, and Salicylic Acids) helps slough dead cells from the skin’s surface as well as exfoliating deep within the pore. Somewhat problematic for some, however, are the aforementioned essential oils. I find the refreshing factor quite intense even with my zero skin-related sensitivities.

Speaking of…

Worth mentioning is the warning to avoid the area around the eyes whenever using this cleanser. Is it just me who finds this just a little bit tricky? In the shower, shampoo going, minutes before running out of hot water… and forming perfect circles to avoid my eyes as I’m trying to get my face cleansed can be challenging. Am I not very coordinated or just bad at following directions? When I move the lather across my face and over my eyeballs (shut, obviously), my eyelids are immediately awakened by the tingling, cooling menthol sensation. It doesn’t irritate me and dissipates in seconds but it’s there nevertheless, so be careful. For some, this may be a dealbreaker. 

Final thoughts:

I can’t wait to use it. In the summer. At the moment, the weather is too cold for my skin to handle an everyday AHA/BHA treatment as the first step of my routine. I continue to rotate the knockout toner throughout the year but the gel cleanser will have to wait till it warms up. I look forward to making it my daily go-to on brutally humid summer days. 

$24 (4.19oz tube) at sephora.com


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