My Skinstore Memorial Day Weekend Sale Picks + Extra Savings Code

Happy Memorial Day Weekend, you guys! What a 180 from this time last year, eh? I sure hope your weather is more festivities-friendly than what we’re getting in the Northeast. Either way, while you enjoy the next few days off, be sure to check out some of the sales happening online. Fact: there is no better time than now to stock up on your favorites or treat yourself to a splurge courtesy of a tempting promo code. And speaking of amazing sales, Skinstore has curated an incredible Memorial Day Weekend selection. Guess what else? To gently twist your arm, already discounted prices can be brought down even more if you use code 10BART. Most items clock in at an additional 10% off. If you’re reading this after Memorial Day and the sale ended, try my code BART25 which works on most brands/items for 25% off your cart.

Below are some of my personal picks. These finds aren’t only perfect for summer but also work brilliantly on my just-over-forty-yet-still-easily-congested combination skin. Happy shopping, and, as always, ask away with any questions. 

Lumene Nordic-C Pure Glow Cleansing Balm

I first discovered Lumene on its home turf in Finland and have since bought multiple tubes of this cleansing balm. It’s that good. And while you can find it at CVS or Target, the Skinstore deal is simply too good to ignore. The cleansing and nourishing blend of plant oils and butters is infused with Vitamin C and Cloudberry Extract to help you achieve sparkling clean skin that glows in one step. You’ll be packing this one for all your summer getaways because, after all, a cleansing balm in a tube removes stress from leaking jars and cracked lids from your travel wheelhouse. $14.99 (125ml) but $10.11 with my code 10BART

Koh Gen Do Cleansing Water

I know this one is expensive but trust me, there simply is no better micellar type water cleanser out there. There just isn’t. I’ve tried too many to remember. Koh Gen Do dissolves impurities and makeup on contact and works very well with my reusable cotton rounds. Since I don’t reach for it daily, it lasts a good few months, too. Koh Gen Do uses Japanese Hot Spring Water as the key ingredient, which not only cleanses, but leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed. There is no scent and the formula is extremely gentle on the eyes — something I wish I’d experience in other cleansing waters. I recognize that I’m partial to Japanese finds (because of their luxurious ritual-like approach to self care), but this one is 100% exquisite and worth the splurge. $75 (480ml) but $53.43 with my code 

ARCONA Triad Pads

Good news: the Skinstore sale this weekend includes the entire ARCONA range. Now, some bad news: it was torture to pick one product to recommend. After much tossing and turning, I’m going with Triad Pads, a staple in my arsenal for well over a decade. Since it’s summer and my skin can benefit from a refreshing swipe of this hydrating, pore refining, mildly exfoliating, clarifying solution, I am confidently suggesting that you pick up a jar. Ingredient highlights: Witch Hazel, Rice Milk, Cranberry, White Tea, and Grape Seed Extracts. I also don’t believe I’ve taken a trip without packing these. They make for a genius and time saving follow up to any cleanser. $38 (45ct) but $25.64 with my code

Natura Bisse Stabilizing Cleansing Mask

This mask is the unsung hero within the luxe brand from Barcelona. It may feel a bit runny for a clay at first but this soft drying mask is absolutely amazing for anyone needing to control excess oiliness or to address annoying enlarged pores. The Kaolin Clay base is infused with 2% Salicylic Acid and anti-inflammatory botanicals to clarify, calm, and hydrate problem-prone skin. During summer months, this is an absolute non-negotiable for me. Major props for the oversize tube at an approachable price point. Sadly, my code won’t help with this one but Natura Bisse is already participating in the sale. $65 (200ml) but slashed down to $48.75 until Tuesday

Algenist Blue Algae Vitamin C Dark Spot Correcting Peel

On the fence as to whether you deserve a post-pandemic splurge? This is the time to do it. This rinse-off gel formula from Algenist works in just twenty minutes to smooth out the texture and eventually lighten stubborn discoloration. What’s in it? A powerful yet gentle blend of Glycolic, Mandelic, Azelaic, Tranexamic, and Salicylic Acids to resurface and refine the appearance of imperfections. Side benefits from Alguronic Acid and Spirulina derived Vitamin C include strengthening and brightening results. While at first I mourned the discontinued Bi-Phase Peel from Algenist, this replacement has proven to be superb. $85 (45ml) but down to $57.37 with my code

EVE LOM Time Retreat Radiance Essence

This incredible toner on steroids is without a doubt the most underrated EVE LOM formula. Yes, the brand is known for introducing us to balm cleansing and the muslin cloth but if I were to pick a favorite, it would be this gem from the Time Retreat collection. Light as air and instantly absorbing, this liquid is your post-cleanse and pre-serum step and can be patted into the skin or applied with a cotton round. It is probably the only essence I have encountered with Retinol. Yes, there is encapsulated Retinol suspended in a silky blend of Algae Extract, Niacinamide, a Tri-Peptide Complex, and the brand’s proprietary hydration booster. If you make this part of your morning routine, be sure to wear broad-spectrum sunscreen. Because Retinol. $95 (150ml) but down to $67.70 with my code

KORRES Wild Rose Brightening Sleeping Facial

Since discovering KORRES in the early 2000s (their original body care formulas were seriously spectacular), I’ve been dipping in and out of the brand’s latest with mixed results. The Wild Rose Sleeping Facial however, remains one of my all time favorite affordable night creams. It’s a lightweight cream that packs a serious punch with Vitamin C, Rose Oil, Bisabolol, Lactic Acid and an array of regenerative plant extracts. If you’re looking for a nourishing and brightening cream, this one delivers. I actually see results overnight. $48 (50ml) but $34.19 with my code

Epionce Renewal Eye Cream

If you’re over thirty and no longer entertained by eye creams with ‘cooling’ metal applicators, massaging rollerballs, slanted tips made of stone and what not, it’s time to step it up with a moisturizing and firming formula. Rarely seen outside of dermatologist offices, Epionce is chock full of fantastic anti-aging options. This rich and creamy eye cream is packed with Meadowfoam and Linseed Oils, skin smoothing polymers, Malic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate as well as antioxidant-rich Apple Fruit Extract. Filed under: seriously impressive. $74 (15ml) but $53.27 with my code

NuFACE Trinity Facial Toning Device

We were more skeptical than not about microcurrent and its anti-aging effect on skin a decade ago. Fast forward to today and the results speak for themselves. NuFACE is rarely on sale so for anyone wondering if they should —  you should. Add to cart now. With that said; if you’re twenty, you don’t need it. For those looking to achieve a more toned and contoured appearance, be sure you are consistently incorporating it into your routine. You will see results. Personally, I reach for it for 3-5 days before an event and to fight puffiness on any morning after overindulging, ya know? The entire whole line is discounted 20% this weekend. Start with the Trinity without all the extra add this seamlessly to your self-care flow. Build up from there, as needed. $260 ($325 value and comes with a charger and a 2oz tube of the NuFACE Gel Primer)

Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub With Sea Salt

Name a more iconic hair care product. I’ll wait. I’ve been hooked on this Chrstophe Robin scalp scrub for years now. Without regrets. All you need is a small amount massaged onto a wet scalp to experience impressive, deep cleansing, and purifying results. Not only will it remove product build up, but it will breathe in new life to the skin on your scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth. Depending on the condition of my hair on any given day, I will reach for it once a week in place of my regular shampoo. Condition afterward to avoid unwanted dryness or static/flyaways. $53 (8oz) but down to $33.38 with my code

Westlab Bath Salts

If you’re looking to go beyond your local drugstore generic Epsom salts, the Westlab blends are way more luxurious. And, they’re now even more affordable. As someone who takes his bath time seriously, I attest that these formulas now rank among some of my favorites. Partial to the Cleanse and Mindful formulas, I use an entire bag per soak and set aside a full 45 minutes to sweat out all the toxins and completely revive. These bath salts play well with most bubbling solutions, especially since their aromas are on the subtle side. I just feel bad for the mail delivery person every time I replenish my supply! $8 (3lb bag) but $5.39 with my code

Head out to, make sure to use code 10BART to save additional 10% on the Memorial Day Weekend Sale selection!

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