Refined Aesthetics – How I Got BOTOX via New York City’s Luxury Concierge Service


In the world of conveniences, nothing tops New York City. And while I bid farewell to the Big Apple after fifteen years, our move to nearby countryside was rather strategic allowing for a weekly fix. Speaking of… last month, a visit to experience Refined Aesthetics, a luxury concierge service offering cosmetic injections was the biggest highlight of my holiday season thus far.

Launched by Dr. Daniel Ahoubim, the concept of providing corrective and preventative non-invasive procedures is brilliant. Whether you’re in the mood for a touch up or a quick fix, your comfort and busy schedule are top priority. Starting with peace of mind, you can be assured that you’re receiving a service from a trained medical professional as Dr. Ahoubim holds double board certifications from The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and The American Academy of Procedural Medicine. All that in addition to a great eye for detail and symmetry to make you look your very best.

ken doll botox

Starting with a consultation, Refined Aesthetics determines and highlights the best approach to achieve the ultimate goal of fresher, younger looking and more radiant you. Specializing in a wide range of treatments that cover BOTOX, dermal fillers, platelet rich plasma injections, IV infusions, B12 injections, microneedling or the latest double chin removal procedure Kybella. Always game, when an invite for a glass of bubbly and a little something extra landed in my inbox, I was there in a New York minute.

refined aesthetics botox

Professional, approachable and most of all, passionate about his craft, Dr. Ahoubim is the man you want on speed dial. During our brief chat, I owned up to this not being my first rodeo and asked for ‘my usual’. 40cc of BOTOX right in between my eyebrows, nothing more. Personally, my forehead is so big you can project movies on that thing and while I enjoy the character a few frown lines give me, the dreaded ‘number 11s’ in between the brows make me look angry. A piece of advice for everybody wanting to explore injections: do your research, know what you want and start slow.

BEFORE (Resting Bitch Face)
3 DAYS AFTER (full effects of BOTOX take up to 10 days to kick in)
3 DAYS AFTER – raising eyebrows and loving it (full effects of BOTOX take up to 10 days to kick in)

“Getting aesthetic injections isn’t what it used to be, it’s not just for women over 50.” says Dr. Ahoubim. Taking the stigma away from the needle, injections are more about maintenance than face shifting alterations. Keeping things subtle is key. While I’m very open about a hint of BOTOX, it’s amazing how many of my friends immediately comment how they can see the difference around my eyes. Which means that my eye cream is working because there is no BOTOX there… My forehead, however, is looking pretty exquisite.

With his New York City on top of the list, Dr. Ahoubim plans to expand to Miami and Los Angeles next year. Visit his Fifth Avenue practice or schedule a visit at your home, office, or hotel room – to schedule a free consultation visit


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