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Last year, CHANEL put our complexions on schedule by launching a trinity of serums: LE JOUR, LA NUIT et LE WEEKEND. I’ve enjoyed generous deluxe tubes of all 3, but since I’m not one for full on structured routines, I took my time and picked only one. It was time to do CHANEL. Again. #CocoMadeMeDoIt

Before NET-A-PORTER and BIRCHBOX, there was gloss.com, where I purchased my first CHANEL skincare. Back then, we couldn’t tweet a purchase, share a status or #regram any of it. I just liked it! Clearly, at 33, I’ve already lived through a serious digital makeover. Gloss.com offered a handful of brands that included CHANEL, Clarins, and Jo Malone. They carried Stila when Estée Lauder owned it. You still ordered online! It’s not like you had to fax it in. #JurassicPark

As with any trilogy, you’re bound to pick a favorite. LE WEEKEND promises a skin overhaul that gets the you ready for the week ahead. God knows if there is a time my face can benefit from a single step glycolic peel, it’s the weekend. At 6% concentration, there is no need for a neutralizing pad, which makes this particular treatment super user friendly. #FaceTime

Glycolic acid might just be my favorite cosmetics ingredient. It exfoliates, reduces signs of premature aging and minimizes the appearance of pores. I love it and it loves me. CHANEL’s proprietary blend of high-tolerance acid is time released making it sophisticated and less aggressive. This weekly treat includes rose water, which is very hydrating. Unless your skin is on the dry side, it is totally ok to skip a moisturizer after applying LE WEEKEND.

chanel le weekend inhautepursuit review glycolic acid peel exfoliator
This frosted plastic bottle is actually rather chic. The pearly lotion applies very smoothly and absorbs instantly. The scent is floral but far from overpowering. I have used it successfully during my AM and PM routines as well as at both times on the same day. It’s as gentle as it is effective. Don’t overdo it though. There is a fine line between looking ‘radiant’ and looking like a ‘burn victim.’ #distinction

chanel le weekend glycolic exfoliator review inhautepursuit

LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL is definitely one of my favorite peels. I can’t believe I’m saying this but $115 really isn’t bad for a skin treatment product from a prestige line. Limiting its use to weekends, the bottle will easily last you months. #investment

If you are intrigued by LE WEEKEND, you should explore the accompanying LE JOUR and LA NUIT. LE JOUR is packed with salicylic acid while LA NUIT provides hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin while in its most relaxed state (overnight). #trifecta

Chanel Synchronized Skincare comes in 1.7oz bottles. LE WEEKEND DE CHANEL retails for $115, LE JOUR DE CHANEL is $85 and LA NUIT DE CHANEL is $85 as well. Neiman Marcus also carries a Resynchronizing Skincare Trio in 0.5oz sizes for $98.

chanel le jour la nuit le weekend de chanel review inhautepursuit
Using anything with glycolic acid increases your skin’s photosensitivity so wear SPF of at least 30 daily!

Proof of existence. GLOSS.COM
Proof of existence. GLOSS.COM


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