Jurlique Activating Water Essence & More Summer Newness

jurlique activating water essence review inhautepursuit

Providing us with an Australian take on Korean skincare realness, Jurlique launched Activating Water Essence this month. If you don’t currently incorporate the essence step into your routine, think toner on steroids. Known for some of the best plant based formulas on the market, Jurlique delivers skin softening perfection with its latest release. For essence aficionados and timid first timers alike, your skin is in for a moisture magnet of a treat.

new jurlique activating water essence review in haute pursuit

Packaged in a tall, slim, glass bottle, Jurlique Activating Water Essence is all sorts of fancy. Sporting a luxurious, silky slippery texture, it may be one of the most elegant overall essence experiences I have tried. If you’re new to the concept, apply an essence by patting it into the skin after cleansing but before a serum. Because these potent solutions are often pricey, skip the cotton pad so you don’t waste any of the precious liquid. Instead, pour a few drops directly into the palm of your hand. Cost per use much?


Hydrating, refreshing, and ultra softening, the Jurlique Activating Water Essence boasts a completely intoxicating floral, fruity, herbal aroma. What’s in it? Marshmallow Root, Peach Leaf, Calendula and Witch Hazel Extracts to start. These soothing and balancing botanicals protect against free radical damage, revitalize a dull complexion, and boost the skin’s moisture levels. Having nailed texture, fragrance (all natural by the way) and performance, Jurlique stands out as absolutely phenomenal in the sea of essences. $55 (150ml) Sephora.com

What else is new from Jurlique?

The iconic Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense is being offered in a limited life Deluxe Edition for the fifth time. Pretty in pink, the massive spray bottle is a sinkside must have. Ideal for skin that needs a pick me up, a soothing veil of moisture, or a final touch to set make up, this lush blend of five different rose extracts puts the treat in treatment. Infused with potent plant extracts from Aloe Vera, Marshmallow and Grapefruit Seed, the fine mist conditions and calms as it restores. When kept in the fridge, it offers pure magic on a humid day. Personally, my favorite way to use it is to spray it over a cleansing balm and then to massage it in before rinsing. Purchases of this Deluxe Edition helps support charities that promote the wellbeing of people and nature. $55 (200ml) Sephora.com

jurlique rosewater mist intense deluxe edition review inhautepursuit

jurlique deluxe edition rosewater balancing mist intense inhautepursuit review

More Mists!

You heard me. Jurlique also released three Aromatherapy Mists this summer. Available in Revitalising, Calming, and Balancing, each blend addresses every mood swing, corrects the most severe case of ‘resting bitch face’ and helps you center so nobody gets cut. Super flexible, the three formulas can be used on the face or body or misted over a pillowcase, a towel or any personal space like the car or your bedroom. Here’s the note rundown:

  • Revitalising Blend: Orange, Lemon, Bergamot and Lavender
  • Calming Blend: Grapefruit and Lavender
  • Balancing Blend: Rosewood, Lavender, Clary Sage, Patchouli and Basil

jurlique new aromatherapy blend mists calming revitalising review inhautepursuit

Having tried two of the tree, I am loving the uplifting and relaxing effects of the Revitalising and Calming Blends. An extension of skin or body care, these fragrant additions are a welcome boost to a Jurlique ritual. $25 each (50ml) Jurlique.com


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