10 Recent Launches I am Loving (And You May, Too)

My beauty pile of the latest and greatest launches is growing incredibly fast this winter. And that’s a very good thing because I need all the destruction from the miserable cold up in NW CT. It’s brutal even though I’ve already noticed the days getting roughly 30 minutes longer. Luckily, the handful of recent discoveries is keeping me focused on the important things, like being pampered and moisturized. Bear in mind that not every product that impressed me, will become an irreplaceable staple. With that said, I strongly believe these finds will please even the most finicky beauty maven. In no particular order, I am excited to share my latest picks. 

Perricone MD Cold Plasma+ CBD

There is a chance you grew tired of my constant raves about the Cold Plasma+ Advanced Serum Concentrate. I still don’t know what liquid crystal delivery system means but I know that very few things I have tried work this well on my skin. This month, Perricone MD released a limited edition of this genius formula to celebrate its 10th anniversary (my prayers about not discontinuing this one have been answered). The only difference in this new launch is the addition of 100mg CBD per jar. This means the silky serum now promotes the 10 most visible signs of healthy skin with a side of calming and antiinflammatory Cannabidiol. Same gorgeous texture, ultra smooth afterfeel, and glowing skin as before. Just more chill. $159 perriconemd.com

Sweet Chef Lip Mask

You may have seen Sweet Chef, the sister brand of Glow Recipe on your recent Target run. The level of adorable cannot be missed. While the serums are a bit too mild for my skin, the Ginger Kombucha face mist is absolutely incredible. Recently, the range welcomed a couple of new items to their skincare menu and the Sugarcane + Vitamin E Lip Sleeping Mask is officially my Sweet Chef favorite. It’s a thick, balm-like solution with a Rice Bran base that is packed with nourishing plant oils and butters as well as AHA-rich Sugarcane Extract to gently exfoliate. My ultimate overnight lip balm test: I need to feel it on my lips when I wake up in the morning (but not see it on my pillowcase). In the oddly fast growing sleeping lip mask category, this one may just be the best yet. $15 sweetchefskincare.com

Avène Soothing Radiance Mask

Here’s a novel idea: a face mask that delivers much sought after radiance but doesn’t rely on a single resurfacing acid. The newly re-launched Avène Soothing Radiant Mask is ultra creamy, smells like a dream (that subtle French pharmacy scent of pure shea butter, baby powder, and roses?) and restores lackluster looking skin in just minutes. If your complexion can become dull or ashy during the cold weather, the vitamins, plant oils, and legendary Thermal Spring Water in this non-drying treatment will instantly deliver a dose of intense hydration. You can either tissue off the excess or use a hot cloth to remove it. I prefer the latter. $26 at bluemercury.com

Taos Aer Next-Level Deodorant

It’s only been a hot minute since all three scents of Taos AER deodorants landed in my hands but I am ready to agree that they are indeed, next level. If you’re looking for a deodorant created from 100% naturally-derived ingredients, this is it. Its creamy base glides on the skin so smoothly that it will dry to an invisible powder finish before you get the cap back on. No white streaks on my favorite black t-shirt and I felt dry and fresh all day long. Major props for the intriguing scent options. My favorite is Ginger Grapefruit with Lavender Myrhh a close second. Palo Santo Blood Orange is awarded third runner up. Love the availability of both travel and full-size options. $12 and $19 at aillea.com 

Dr. Teal’s Sleep Bath

I am officially looking for excuses to venture into towns nearby with ‘the good’ Walmart. The bigger, often cleaner, and always best stocked stores carry a mindblowing selection of Dr. Teal’s bath supplies. These include hard-to-find newness like Sleep Bath (salts and bubble bath versions), which are infused with Melatonin and Essential Oils. As a self-proclaimed World’s Worst Sleeper, I doze off like a baby after a soak and clock-in hours of restful sleep. All, if not most of Dr. Teal’s products are $5 each at Walmart. Always a dollar more at Target. The nerve. walmart.com

Alpyn Beauty Calming Midnight Mask

Alpyn Beauty is focused on some of the most effective, wildcrafted botanicals to fuel their clean formulas. The latest launch of Calming Midnight Mask complements the Melt Moisturizer and Survival Serum with its lightweight lotion-like texture. To ensure you wake up looking rested and glowing, this overnight treatment contains Melatonin, Bakuchiol (nature’s alternative to Retinol), Salicylic and Lactic Acids along with nourishing and calming plant extracts from Calendula, Arnica, and Bearberry. The silky hydrator layers great over your PM serums and I enjoy it topped on whichever face oil is on my testing block at the moment. $68 aillea.com

TATCHA The Serum Stick

This latest skincare launch comes in a jumbo swivel stick reminiscent of a foundation or an oversized lip balm. Truthfully, I don’t reach for it daily but it quickly became an irreplaceable multitasker during a recent trip to Montreal. It contains 80% purified Squalane, Japanese Lemon Balm (nature’s valium if you’re into supplements, but used topically, it soothes irritation and inflammation.) with the brand’s proprietary blend of Green Tea, Rice, and Algae for the ultimate in antioxidant protection. The solid texture glides on the skin smoothly and, after you pat it in with the tips of your fingers, you’ll be impressed by its non-greasy and absolutely traceless performance. It probably won’t replace any of the serums in my daily routine, but I recommend it as a great emergency fix (touch-ups, tec) while on the go. $48 sephora.com

Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum

Finding a retinol product outside of a derm office can be quite the challenge. And if you want to keep it budget-friendly, that task just became even more difficult. The new Versed Press Restart Gentle Retinol Serum uses both microencapsulated Retinol and Bakuchiol to double up on the fight against fine lines, dark spots, and clogged pores. It’s a lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that plays well with other moisturizers and oils in your PM line-up. If you’re new to retinol or nervous about redness or peeling this blend also includes Shea Butter, Prickly Pear, Chamomile, and Rosehip Seed Oil to ensure the unwelcoming side effects won’t occur. It’s not at Target yet but you can grab it on the brand’s website. $21.99 versedskin.com

Algenist Collagen Calming Relief

Here’s a plot twist: in spite of its name, the Algenist Collagen Calming Relief does not actually contain CBD. At first glance, the tube appears small but don’t let the 40ml size fool you. All you need is a small amount of this oh-so-spreadable cream to cancel unwanted dryness and discomfort in a single application. Since I am a zealous acid user, red of flaky patches are common this time of year, especially around my beardline. That’s when I’ve been reaching for this quick fix solution lately. Notable ingredients: plant-based Collagen, Alguronic Acid (an algae-derived signature of all things Algenist), Calendula, Holy Basil, and Bisabolol. $58 sephora.com

Kusmi Tea Earl Grey Intense

While it hasn’t been confirmed by 23andMe, I may be a tea snob. Believe it or not, I get the same high walking into a Kusmi Tea store as I do walking around the new two-story beauty department at Nordstrom in NYC. The Parisian tea house recently added Earl Grey Intense to their fancy family of blends and I absolutely love it. If you enjoy the aroma or taste of bergamot, this new Earl Grey tea strikes a perfect balance between black tea and citrus. And for those wondering why a tea is taking up space on a beauty blog, Earl Grey is mega-rich in antioxidants, helps reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes, and can improve digestion. That’s beautiful, no? $16.90 (20 tea bags) at kusmitea.com and currently 20% off

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