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If you are a guy with hair, don’t shy away from styling products. When the British brand, Jack The Lad, kindly sent me their range, I felt slightly unprepared. While I style my hair daily, the process usually involves a spray or a mousse and sometimes a gel. It was intimidating to be facing four jars of new to me textures and scents. After mastering how to use their first shaping product, my mood changed from sheer misery to shear excitement. #JackOfAllTrades

The Jack The Lad line up consists of four jars, each offering varying hold, scent, and finish capabilities. From the most flexible to the ones that hold tight, they are: Shine Pomade, Texture Cream, Matte Wax and Choc Shaper. Whatever your pick for your styling needs, they share one important attribute. Every single Jack The Lad product rinses off well without leaving buildup. #AllGone

With a candied berry scent, the Shine Pomade scores one out of five stars on the hold factor scale. To succeed with any pomade, including this one, the objective is for hair to look glossy, not greasy. Use it sparingly and if you feel your hair starting to weigh down, you’ve used too much. Sorry about that. With two stars, Texture Cream holds a bit tighter and emits a light toffee popcorn scent. Definitely never described as hardcore, it’s more like a diet version but still very much spot on. When your hair is limp, you may look like you limpiar for a living so transform your look in seconds and look great for hours. #GlossOver

jack the lad shine pomade review inhautepursuit

jack the lad texture cream review inhautepursuit

Matte Wax is one of my favorite Jack The Lad products. The tangy citrus scent and substantial hold (three stars) are winning traits by default.  Without shine but with solid grip, I reach for it the most. Lastly, with its four star rating, the Choc Shaper – a genius multi-purpose styling cream–is a great tool for a wide range of short and medium haircuts, in large part because of its abilities to hold. NY might love the chocolate scent, too. Sadly, I don’t like chocolate when mixed mint, coffee nor grooming products. #MatteAboutWax

jack the lad matte wax review inhautepursuit

jack the lad choc shaper review inhautepursuit

Regardless of the Jack The Lad styling product you choose, I have one piece of advice: use sparingly, warm the smallest amount in your palms, and apply it to dry hair starting at the ends. You don’t want the roots to look greasy. Also, give products that need warming a minute or two to set. Only afterward, determine whether you need to add more. We are so accustomed to washing our hair with mass amounts of product, many are way over doing the pomades, waxes and texture creams. #MoreOrLess

Already popular in the UK, Jack The Lad has not yet launched in the US. At just £8.75 retail for a 60ml jar of these styling heroes, also offers international shipping!


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