In Fiore x Violette_FR Baisers de Jasmin Solid Parfum

As someone who wears non-complicated fragrances, I’m surprised at how often I’m asked what it is that I’m wearing. My everyday scent is always light and uplifting. Neroli is my low-key signature. This past week, I’ve gone a bit darker and and more mysterious. I’ve been dabbing into the collaborative release of In Fiore x Violette_FR Baisers de Jasmin solid parfum. The rich, heady, almost creamy blend is not something to which I’d normally gravitate. So why is it that I can’t stop cracking the compact open to sniff it like a junkie in need of a fix?

It turns out that I may just really like jasmine… Earlier this year, I visited the In Fiore boutique in San Francisco and fell for the Fleur Vibrante Solution Botanique — a jasmine oil infused blend I slather on from head to toe whenever I am feeling extra decadent before bed. The aroma is intoxicating and I am finding an uncanny resemblance between my indulgent treatment and Jasmine Kisses.

Typically, I pass on fragrances launched by skincare brands (regardless of how much you love said skincare brand), but here’s a beauty trivia tidbit: In Fiore’s roots are as a parfumerie. The niche range is laser focused on ingredients, results, and sensory experience. Less than a year into my In Fiore adventure, I am thrilled with absolutely everything I have tried to date. The new Baisers de Jasmin may not become my daily go-to, but the warm scent has been a fine complement to my fragrance wardrobe this winter season.

What did this cult parfumerie and renowned French makeup artist blend? Baisers de Jasmin combines notes of jasmine, sandalwood, ylang ylang, hinoki, vetivert, benzoin, orris root, and vanilla. At first, it sounds like a lot, especially for someone who prances around projecting effervescent bursts of citrus.

The solid formula melts just enough to be user friendly and doesn’t full-on liquify, which could prove disastrous during travel. Touching the surface transfers enough balm to my fingertips, which I then press behind my ears and on the inside of each wrist. On me, the floral fusion is subtle and elevates notes of cedar and orris; happily, sandalwood and vanilla barely linger in the background. Think soft musk moment. It also beautifully balances the sweetness of ylang ylang with green and earthy vetivert. The scent is elegant yet approachable. It’s intriguing more than it is aggressive.

Your sensory journey begins with stunning visuals even before you get a first whiff of Baisers de Jasmin. The high-shine gold tone compact is housed inside a cobalt blue box. Perfect gift, much? There’s also a mirror. Because why the fuck not? If you lean toward white florals with an edge, you’re absolutely going to enjoy this latest launch.

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