Goldfaden MD Detox Hydrating Gel

Goldfaden MD Detox Hydrating Gel

It’s no secret that Goldfaden MD tops the list of my favorite skincare brands. The ‘detox’ range in particular has proven extremely helpful in addressing my temperamental combination skin (think enlarged, congested pores, uneven tone, frustrating breakouts that randomly pop up from nowhere, and so on). I’ve been reaching for both the Clarifying Face Wash and Facial Detox mask during these summer months. Thrilled to see the line up expand, I’m finding that the brand new Detox Hydrating Gel officially completes the most perfect trifecta. Because cleanse, treat, hydrate.

back-to-back detox

Why I like gels.

For my complexion, gel moisturizers have always been the most user-friendly formulas, especially as a daytime option. Ideally, I choose something lightweight that offers treatment benefits and won’t make my sunscreen pill. If you’ve read my posts before, you know my layering skills can use work. It’s either a serum or a gel moisturizer. SPF always. And while I am fully aware that our skin is without a respiratory system, I’d rather ‘not suffocate it’. Hence my preference for gels.

love love love the texture

First impressions.

The latest from Goldfaden MD comes in a practical, travel-friendly, and ultra hygienic bottle with a lidded pump dispenser. Immediately noticeable is also the unique, almost firm texture, unlike the common fluffy or whipped water gels available on the market. This oil-free treatment feels almost rich and has that luxurious slip upon application, but it absorbs immediately. A quick glance at the ingredient list impresses with its avoidance of silicones or fragrance. Neither usually bothers me, but for those who seek out clean, non-toxic solutions, this physician-strength and dermatologist-developed natural skincare line won’t disappoint.

sinkside in Napa, CA

What’s in it?

Third to include the proprietary Detox Complex™, the newly launched hydrator is fueled by a botanical blend of White Horehound, Açaí Palm Extract, Date Palm, and Gotu Kola. Just like the cleanser and mask, it is meant to detoxify and shield the skin from environmental pollutants and free radical damage. My personal favorite AHA/BHA combination here includes resurfacing Gluconolactone (a Polyhydroxy Acid that is as effective as Glycolic but significantly less sensitizing) as well as oil soluble Salicylic Acid to exfoliate deep within the pore and deliver a smoother, more refined appearance. Hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate and soothing Mallow Extract ensure the new Detox Hydrating Gel won’t trigger any irritation.

hanging out in Arizona

My thoughts.

Feeling very fortunate to have been gifted a full size bottle a couple of months ago, I packed it for trips to Arizona and to San Francisco. The current heatwave and humidity hell Connecticut has also provided and excellent setting for testing. Going beyond basic hydration, it has kept my combo skin balanced, clear, and smooth. Both home and away. It layered great under sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer, which with gels can often be tricky. What problematic skin?

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