*NEW* Darphin Rose Hydra-Nourishing Oil Cream & Elixir

Stealing from the world of fragrance, the  beauty industry has successfully introduced rose and its soothing and hydrating properties to some of the most coveted skincare formulas over the years. Most of us have experienced the floral notes in toners, lip balms or nourishing multi-purpose skin salves. The calming and balancing aromatherapy benefits are just a perk. Garden royalty, the plant, and its countless varieties lend their anti-aging powers from petals through seed oil to stem cells. A true classic, rose has become an undeniable superhero ingredient.

Darphin newness

Whether you’re a fan of rose infused complexion perfectors or considering introducing one to your regimen, you’ll want to know that the recently released Darphin Rose Hydra-Nourishing Oil Cream ($76) has been helping me battle the dreaded winter dullness these past two weeks. The formula is geared towards dry skin, but it is far from the dense balm we have all come to expect. The whipped creamy texture may be Shea Butter based but it is surprisingly lightweight.

Hydrate & Moisturize

As a pioneer in nature-inspired prestige beauty, Darphin is known for sourcing high quality botanical extracts for each of their luxurious yet very much results driven formulas. The Hydra-Nourishing Oil Cream highlights the floral medley referred to by the brand as Triple Rose Concentrate. It’s the fusion of Rose Wax, Rose Absolute, and Rose Essential Oil that moisturizes and strengthens the skin while imparting that healthy, or more appropriately… rosy glow.

Rose is also known for its anti-inflammatory and redness-reducing benefits, making it a perfect fit for those with more sensitive skin. Darphin’s addition of Gotu Kola (the key ingredient in every cica cream) ensures that the new Oil Cream is as soothing as it is nourishing. The added fragrance (which I’m totally ok with) is pleasant and very subtle.


The matching Rose Hydra-Nourishing Essential Oil Elixir ($75)  is a liquid counterpart that layers great over the new cream. If cold weather makes your complexion significantly more prone to dryness, this duo works in tandem to plump up the skin and leave it feeling comfortably hydrated. Personally, when I choose to layer at bedtime, it is always cream over oil. Many beauty authorities suggest cream before oil. I say listen to your skin because rules are just guidelines. You do you.  

Kinesio Massage

Darphin was founded by French Kinesiotherapist Pierre Darphin, and continues to emphasize the importance of facial massage. By gently pressing, pulling, and tapping on the skin, the muscle rejuvenating treatment also stimulates collagen production and helps with lymphatic drainage. These simple mini at-home rituals contribute to a more toned and radiant appearance. Most definitely explore the Darphin YouTube channel to enlighten yourself on Kinesio massages (detoxifying, anti-aging, muscle relaxing, rejuvenating the eyes, and stimulating microcirculation).

Available at Darphin.com.

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