Catching Fire – The Limited Edition La Mer Candle

la mer limited edition candle review inhautepursuit

The La Mer Candle is here, filling a rather particular void in the luxury segment of the beauty industry. My initial reaction was definitely ‘umm, random…?,’ but I couldn’t ignore its debut. I sent a quick text and secured some newness in my mailbox within days. After all, yours truly spent six months at the beginning of his beauty journey as a temp with this very brand and would never burn any bridges, #YoureFired

la mer creme candle limited edition neiman marcus in haute pursuit review

Available only during this special time of the year, the La Mer Candle is setting the world on fire (boom!) with a limited life offering just for the holidays. As a result of this genius timing (and its $80 price point), we now have an accessible gift option for the most impossible name on our list: that special someone who has everything and who needs nothing. Gifting luxury is no longer tricky nor overly ambitious thanks to this new home scent. #FireAway

la mer candle box review in haute pursuit inhautepursuit

La Mer sheds some light on its fragrant addition, whose sensory experience was inspired by the sea and not their iconic Crème. In dark green glass jars that illuminate with a holiday glow, the scent is said to relax mind and body. A very welcome break from the dominant cinnamon or clove variations this time of year, La Mer instead creates a spa-like, zen-inducing mode. Aquatic notes blend seamlessly with florals of bergamot, water lily, violet, and honeysuckle and deliver a combination that is rare, unique and refined. #BurnBabyBurn

la mer candle engraved lid review inhautepursuit in haute pursuit

Only La Mer could create a scent that represents luxury. With some of the most elegant skincare formulas in the industry, tastemakers all over the world can now indulge in the brand’s aesthetic in spots other than on their vanities. With its air of sophistication, the La Mer Candle makes for a luxe addition to any living space. #OnFire

The La Mer Candle retails for $80 (200g – burn time is 40 hours) – available at



  1. December 22, 2016 / 8:22 am

    Do you still have this candle, and if yes would you be willing to sell it to me? I just now discovered its existence, and I’ve had no luck in finding one on eBay. Thank you.

    • December 22, 2016 / 11:26 pm

      I heard it’s no longer being made. Bummer. I am cherishing what I have left, including a brand new piece that I would hate to part with. Fingers crossed La Mer decides to bring it back…

      • December 26, 2016 / 2:06 pm

        Thank you for replying. I was very lucky and found one on Ebay just a few days ago brand new and won the auction. I’m so excited.

        I am so happy to have found your blog. I just subscribed and looking forward to more posts.

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