Clarins Launches Total Eye Lift (And If You’re Over 30, You May Need It)

I’ve always been partial to Clarins as a brand because of my consistently positive experiences since I first dabbled in skincare twenty years ago. 

Some highlights:

  • The green toner with iris is among the best toners for combination skin (it’s alcohol free, you guys!)
  • Beauty Flash Balm is a corpse reviver and the ultimate quick fix when you look like hell
  • Double Serum has been an on-again-off-again constant in my routine since 2002, when I discovered it as Total Double Serum
  • Clarins was my very first eye cream splurge. I walked out of Sephora with a bottle of Eye Contour Cream feeling so proud and adult — I was 21

This year, Clarins has unveiled a stunning upgrade to the Total Restorative Eye Cream, which (no surprise) I have also really enjoyed. The packaging of Total Eye Lift is just as vibrant as its predecessor, only this time, in a metallic shade of red. The new formula promises to fight the dreaded trifecta of undereye concerns: fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. In just 60 seconds, it also delivers a lifting effect. For those over thirty, it’s the kind of eye care unicorn we’re all looking for. 

What’s in it?

94% of the ingredients in this latest innovation are of natural origin. Many of the anti-aging flora discoveries are new to me. Harungana and Cassie Flower Extracts are highlighted for their firming and tightening properties while Albizia, Guarana, Green Coffee, and Horse Chestnut tackle puffiness and dark circles. The combination of Glycerin and Shea Butter ensures the formula delivers much needed moisture to the fragile area under the eyes. Full disclosure: both Dimethicone and fragrance are present (the scent is quite faint). Were I to sum up the texture in one word, it would be elegant. It truly feels lush. 

Day or/and Night

The beauty of the new Total Eye Lift lies in its perfectly medium-weight consistency. It glides effortlessly on the skin and won’t leave any tacky afterfeel behind. This makes it an excellent option to apply before concealer during the day (no creasing!). It’s also an excellent overnight recovery solution that will have you looking like you’ve actually slept the requisite eight hours (because what is sleep?). If you prefer to streamline your targeted treatments, this one works flawlessly as part of your AM and/or PM routine. 

Application, etc

Clarins recommends warming the product up before application — something us old schoolers learned when we tried La Mer for the first time. A single pump of Total Eye Lift disperses the perfect amount of product if I go with the traditional ring finger tapping routine. Some days I massage two pumps between my ring, middle, and index fingers and then press it into the skin. When I am feeling a little extra, I grab my face roller and use the narrow end to boost the performance (lymphatic drainage and all). As far as the lifting effect, I don’t think I’m  in need of one just yet, so I can’t say I see it a minute after application. I do, however, appear more rested and alert, which is something not every eye cream accomplishes this effectively. This one is a keeper. 

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