The Boxwalla x Votary February Box (That You Probably Need)

Two years ago today, I wrote how the Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream blew my green beauty socks off (you can read that post here). I am happy to report those feelings haven’t changed. What I am really ecstatic to share, however, is that this month, the Boxwalla Beauty Box highlights that very Votary moisturizer (well, moisturiser actually) alongside the Super Seed Facial Oil. But wait, there’s more! Both gorgeous formulas are full-size. That’s a $212 value but by joining Boxwalla, this treasure is $49.95. Here’s the bad news: the last day to order the duo is February 20th. Tick tock.

Boxwalla & me

Boxwalla has been behind some of my most unique skincare discoveries this past year. 5Yina and Heart of Gold immediately come to mind. Before I started exploring the new-to-me clean beauty horizons, the bi-monthly delivery spotlighted African Botanics, which easily tops my list of all-time favorites. This month, the British made duo is destined to nourish, protect, and comfort skin that craves extra moisture during this cold and dreary winter season. 

Who is this duo for?

Both Super Seed oil and cream are ideally suited for those with dry, hormonal or sensitive skin. If you’re oily or prone to breakouts, it’s probably best to go directly to the source and look outside the Super Seed line up — I’m thinking the Clarifying range or the Toning Serum. Those who struggle with redness, wake up to dry flakes, or the almost freaky feeling of uncomfortable tightness (been there a few times, totally relate), will find these formulas transformative. 

The Nutrient Cream

This Votary cream is no joke. Those already familiar with this luxurious range may notice it’s the only non-oil moisturizer within the line. While Votary is known for various facial oils that target specific concerns, each can be sealed with a light layer of the Nutrient Cream. The rich yet silky base of expertly blended Aloe Vera and Mango Seed Butter is infused with twenty-two plant oils to cancel out any winter blues you may be experiencing. There is a chance that your skin is just dry, regardless of the season. Maybe you’re in need of a blanket of moisture that no serum or oil can provide. 

Votary strives to deliver the very best in the green beauty space. As a result, the Super Seed Nutrient Cream has been reformulated ever so slightly since its original launch. The elegant blend now includes Hyaluronic Acid and the new formula underwent a subtle tweak in its system of preservatives. I reached out to the oh-so-lovely and always chic Arabella Preston, Co-Founder of Votary who confirmed that “all oils and inclusion levels haven’t changed.” Praise be. 

The Facial Oil

The Super Seed Facial Oil is more forgiving than the cream on my combination skin. Since the composition of this liquid potion contains twenty-two different seed oils, I think of it as a lighter version of the moisturizer. It’s more versatile and user-friendly. Listing the full ingredient deck would resemble an epicurean teaser from the Soho Farmhouse tasting menu but some of my personal favorites include Pumpkin, Cranberry, Chia, Cherry, Poppy, and Pomegranate Seed Oils. Without any added fragrance, the subtle natural aroma is herbal, grounding, and intoxicating. You’ll want to inhale deeply before pressing the sublime medley of oils into your skin. 

The bottle in this month’s Boxwalla is not equipped with the traditional dropper bottle. I mention this so as to head off any frustration in dispensing the product. The key is to turn the bottle upside down — literally 180 degrees from its upright standing position. Now, wait precisely 4 seconds. The golden drops will begin to fall into the palm of your hand. My preferred way to apply this oil is to damp skin after a vigorous face misting before bed. Since the Super Seed formula is most nourishing, it makes for a great follow up to any retinol cream or serum to prevent dryness or irritation. 

But do you need it? 

I hate trying to instill a sense of urgency simply because of the great price. Those with super oily, acneic complexions don’t need this Votary duo. Everyone else should consider it. Guys who struggle with post-shave bumps or redness will appreciate the soothing properties of the cream. If you’ve been looking for a richer face oil that gives stressed skin that cushion of moisture and comfort, I promise the Super Seed formula won’t disappoint. 

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