Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream

The first-class level of luxe Votary range made me believe that a face oil really can solve any skincare related conundrum. From deep cleansing through blemish busting to nourishing and overnight anti-aging miracles, there has yet to be a formula, my skin won’t embrace. Branching outside the familiar dropper bottles, the brand kicked off 2018 with a launch of their first ever jar (lid and all). Say hello to the Super Seed Nutrient Cream. Spoiler ahead: I’m obsessed.

The timing couldn’t be more perfect. This winter has been paranoid schizophrenic and my skin is projecting. Drier than ever, temperamental, and all of a sudden, sensitive, it craves the extra moisture only a jar of cream can provide. A fantastic moisture sealant, the new addition is a wonderful topper to any facial oil you may have in rotation that delivers an extra boost of lasting protection.

The latest.

What’s in it?

Magic, pretty much. The carefully concocted blend of 21 (Jackpot, much?) super seed oils includes Chia, Grapeseed, Coconut, Pumpkin, Cranberry, Meadowfoam, Camellia, Hemp, Black Cumin, and countless other borderline edible extracts. Without adding fragrance and formulated to comfort even the most sensitive and dry complexions, this masterpiece of a moisturizer is pure perfection.

Aesthetic goals.

The Scoop

Do not be intimidated by the dense consistency of the Votary Super Seed Nutrient Cream. It’s the super soothing and rich in essential fatty acids Mango Seed Butter that contributes to the thick texture. The cream, not at all greasy, absorbs without a trace in literally seconds. Another perk? Its matte finish. Read: a fantastic daytime option, especially during these cold winter months.

My Super Seed Winter Duo

How & When

If you’re unsure about the recommended sequence for proper skincare routine, Arabella Preston, the Co-Founder of Votary makes it very clear: oil before cream. Cleanse, do your serum, oil up and then seal the deal with the Nutrient Cream. Sporting a classic case of combination skin, my rule of thumb is always to be generous with creams at night and use them sparingly during the day. And, this cream from Votary is incredibly user friendly. Since I battle congested pores daily, I’ll scale back to just an overnight application after the spring weather arrives.

Fits into every routine.

If you have experienced Votary oils before, know that the new Nutrient Cream is equally opulent. Complementing any self care ritual beautifully, it is a great add-on for those with dry, easily irritated, or reactive skin. If you pause at the $102 price tag (it’s 50ml and ships free at net-a-porter.com), take another look at the superb ingredient deck below. Totally splurge worthy.


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