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Although I love every epicurean Thanksgiving feast, I just can’t get behind the traditional cranberry side on my dinner plate. Not a fan, don’t get the concept, can’t explain. Which is why when it comes to skincare, it’s peculiar that anything cranberry-infused excites me!

My passion for the ARCONA Triad Pads knows no bounds – I could write poems about these perfectly saturated round miracles. ARCONA Cranberry Gommage is among my most reached for facial exfoliators. So, when the brand decided to expand on my favorite complexion perfecting fruit and launched the brand-new Cranberry Mist, I thought to myself, “dreams really do come true…”

To mist or not to mist?

A totally rhetorical question. Among all skincare categories, a mist is probably the most versatile in use and performance. You can use one after a toner, which is what I do at night before applying an oil – it will make any oil-based product absorb into the skin faster and more easily, minimizing potential greasy residue. You can also use it to set your makeup or freshen up during the day. Worth mentioning, hydration is key to maintaining healthy skin, so it’s an excellent on-the-go companion. I wish the ARCONA Cranberry Mist were available in a one-liter bottle, but I am equally grateful for the incredibly travel-friendly size. So, thank you ARCONA.

Talk to me about Cranberry

As a topical ingredient, Cranberry Fruit Extract is soothing, hydrating, and anti-bacterial. Its high antioxidant content makes it an excellent shield against free radical damage. The fruit extract, which couldn’t be more different than the organic cran juice you pick up at the market, also contains acids that provide gentle exfoliation. In short, this delicious ingredient adds glow and protects against environmental pollutants. And yes, every single ARCONA cranberry ancillary has a mouth-watering crisp and sweet fragrance, which of course, is all natural.

Why this mist?

When choosing a face mist, my pre-requisites are minimal. It needs to feel refreshing and deliver skincare benefits without leaving my face dry or sticky. ARCONA delivers on all of the above and more. In addition to the headlining fruit extract, this latest launch is infused with silky Glycerin and French sea water (which is also called Mineralys, an ingredient rich in Iron, Manganese, Zinc, and collagen boosting Moringa Seed Extract). I can’t decide if Cranberry Mist sounds more like a spa or holiday in a bottle. Either way, every spritz is decadent.

When and how?

Whether you’re an ARCONA loyalist or completely new to the brand, adding a mist to your routine can raise some questions. It’s a liquid step that can often lose its way in the world of toners and essences. After cleansing, you tone. Both Triad Pads and Cranberry Toner have an identical ingredient deck but offer application flexibility with a cleansing element. After you tone, use an essence. If you’re a Celestial Activating Essence user, you can spray it directly onto the skin or into the palm of your hand and press it into your face (I do the latter). Now, it’s time to mist.

As mentioned earlier, during my evening routine, I spray my face generously with Cranberry Mist and massage a face oil of choice on damp skin. This method has always worked best for me. In the morning, I cleanse, exfoliate, tone, use a few pumps of Magic White Ice (another way to maximize on your cranberry fix) and finish with sunscreen. If my sunscreen is tinted, I use the Cranberry Mist as the finishing step in my AM routine. I then promptly toss the bottle into a bag so it’s either on me or in the car for a refreshing midday pick-me-up.

Why I love it.

First and foremost, the cranberry range was my gateway into ARCONA back in 2010. I actually found old order confirmation emails from retailers who no longer exist. I’d snag the Cranberry Holiday Kit and regularly restock my Triad Pad supply. The range successfully detoxifies my congested skin, refines the look of pores, and adds much needed hydration. The Cranberry Mist is not just a fantastic addition to the line-up but a truly effective formula to keep the skin plump and glowing.

Win a bottle!

Chief among the many reasons I enjoy partnering with ARCONA is their ‘sharing is caring’ attitude. We really want you to try the new Cranberry Mist! Head over to my Instagram by clicking here and follow the simple directions. Full disclosure: you have to be a U.S. resident (we’ll settle for a U.S. address since some of you are so international!) and at least 18 years or older to qualify.

$28 (30ml) at

This blog post is sponsored by the brand. While I received monetary compensation for creating content, it by no means influenced my impression of the product.


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