World Sleep Day – My Favorite My Non-Skincare Solutions

A bit about me: a sucker for clever marketing, a fan of relaxing aromatherapy, and, sadly, not the best sleeper. It is no surprise then, that anything that even promises a hint at achieving the recommended amount of beauty sleep, gets my full attention. Luckily, the industry seems to be expanding this rather particular self-care niche. Since it’s World’s Sleep Day (my eyes rolled under the sofa typing this), I want to highlight some of my favorite non-skincare solutions, which help me center and relax. And, hopefully contribute to at least six hours of blissful, uninterrupted sleep for you.

Beauty Chef Sleep Inner Beauty Powder

They had me at Inner Beauty Powder. On addition, this delicious Sleep Tonic ($60) is both a tasty pret-a-dormir treat and one that makes me feel drowsy! Heat a cup of milk (non-dairy works!) and add a teaspoon of the sleep powder supplement and a second teaspoon of honey or your favorite sweetener. It’s best to enjoy it an hour before bed. This blend of lemon balm (aka nature’s answer to Valium), turmeric, sour cherry fruit extract, and probiotics is spiked with herbs such as black pepper, cardamom, clove, and nutmeg. It’s seriously delicious but you may want to give it another stir halfway through as the powder will settle. This works best for me on nights when I skip that last glass of wine at dinner and have a warm cup of this sleepy latte for dessert.

Bath & Body Works Sleep Body Wash & Foam Bath

The B&BW aromatherapy lines offer some of my all time favorite mind-soothing solutions that also happen to be budget-friendly, especially during their crazy good semi-annual sales. Each range is extensive; the Sleep collection is full of options that include mists, scrubs, creams, and lotions. Every ‘mood’ also offers a variety of scents, which come and go depending on the season. If you like something, stock up. Usually, I pick up multiples of the Body Wash & Foam Bath ($13.50) since it works brilliantly as a great shower gel and bubble bath. Do I doze off while bathing? No, but at the at the end of a long day, soothing herbal notes are all I need to clear my head.

Votary Antidote Night Oil

If you’re new to Votary, the brand has mastered the art of oils. Their formulas are consistently exquisite but the Antidote Night Oil ($118) elevates bedtime care to another height of luxury. It’s a luscious blend of lavender and chamomile that takes me back to an overnighter at The Soho Farmhouse whenever I use it. I keep my bottle on the nightstand and massage a couple of pumps into my arms and chest so the gorgeous calming aroma lingers at every toss and turn. Soft skin is purely a perk. More importantly, the fast absorbing formula never stains the sheets.

Susanne Kaufmann Pillow Spray

It’s safe to say I have the biggest crush on the Susanne Kaufmann line after having visited her idyllic Hotel Post (and that spa OMG!) in Austria earlier this year. And as much as I love the impressive and effective skincare, I find the Pillow Mist ($31) to be the low key unsung hero in this eco-luxe collection. It’s a pure blend of lavender and citrus essential oils that helps you relax and clear respiratory passages — something key to sleeping comfortably. Your pillow is obviously the choice here but I also spray it on my towel and sleepmask to maximize the decadent experience. The bottle is the perfect travel companion though I  do dream of a limited edition mega size. Loving it that much.

Slip Silk Sleepmask

It’s hard to make silk part of your daily wardrobe when you’re over six feet tall and weigh in at two hundred pounds. But the Slip Silk Sleepmask ($50) with my Leo embroidery looks perfect on me every single time I wear it. Made of the softest, most luxurious silk I have touched, this ‘lights out’ eye mask evokes bedtime couture. Since we haven’t yet sprung for window treatments in our bedroom, this reliable sleep mask, which happens to feel oh-so-luxe, is the most sought after accessory in this house. His and his for the win!

Espira Restful Sleep

When Avon launches its Espira line of supplements, I immediately zoomed in on the Restful Sleep ($18 for 60 capsules) formula. And while I’ve tried dozens of sleep supplements (nothing to brag about really), I have to emphasize that it’s most likely best to run anything you plan to try by your primary care physician. Personally, it takes only twenty minutes and two capsules of Restful Sleep to knock me out for the evening. I sleep through the night like a toddler after a sugar high. What’s in it? Magnesium, hops, chamomile, passion flower extract, 5 HTP, and 3mg of Melatonin. Once in a while, I’ll wake up feeling slightly groggy but nothing an espresso can’t fix. Absolutely love these.


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