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Bursting on the scene with some seriously zesty and crisp notes, Virgin Mojito is the new limited edition collection from The Body Shop. Just launched and perfectly timed for the season, it is cooling, refreshing, and dangerously close in scent to the real thing. Completely calorie free, this latest bath and body range comes with all the sensory greatness but without any guilt, headaches or drunk texts.

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Body Splash

Available in classic formulas like Shower Gel or Body Scrub or the iconic Body Butter, Virgin Mojito is also available as a Body Splash. Greatly appreciated on hot and humid summer days, I consider this invigorating punch of citrus almost mandatory. Super fast drying but not drying to the skin, the Body Splash is your first step after the shower and the one before a moisturizer for those who use one. Adding a subtle yet noticeable hint of fragrance, this convenient addition to your bathing routine will extend a feeling of freshness throughout the day.

Body Scrub
Body Scrub

Fans of gentle exfoliation are bound to love the Virgin Mojito Body Scrub. After cleansing, apply it all over. Focus on areas of the skin that tend to become dry or flaky. Gently resurfacing, it also conditions the skin with Honey and Jojoba and leaves it smooth and soft. Because of the user friendly gel texture, it rinses off easily and leaves behind a veil of mouthwatering scent.

Zesty Fresh!
Zesty Fresh!

Ideal this time of the year, the Body Sorbet makes for a fantastic moisturizer that absorbs instantly and provides lasting moisture and comfort. Silky and whipped to an airy perfection, this lightweight formula quenches your skin’s thirst while delivering an olfactory experience. A true summer must-have, this Aloe Vera infused body hydrator is a great after sun soother that just happens to smell like a luscious cocktail.

Body Sorbet
Body Sorbet

The entire Virgin Mojito range features Lime and Mint Extracts, harvested in the Caribbean as well as Community Fair Trade Organic Cane Sugar from Paraguay. If you have had a mojito before, you will almost taste the crunch of sugar crystals in the aroma of any of these brand new formulas. Treat yourself to the Body Splash if you’re thinking of branching out. If this were available as a bar soap, I’d be hoarding – just saying.

Available at

  • Shower Gel $9 – 250ml
  • Body Sorbet $15 – 200ml
  • Body Butter $21 – 200ml
  • Body Scrub $20 – 250ml
  • Body Splash $20 – 300ml

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  1. July 12, 2015 / 7:45 pm

    I’m really intrigued by the scrub, especially since it’s gel-based and microbead-free! This cracked me up: “[it] comes with all the sensory greatness but without any guilt, headaches or drunk texts.” Touche!

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