A Perfect Tan – BOBBI BROWN Bronzing Powder


On rainy days like today, I contemplate not getting out of bed and finally starting Orange is the New Black on Netflix. The hourly forecast: Isolated T-Storms, T-Storms, Rain, Rain, Rain. Hashtag cool. Slash NOT. Because I refuse to be a prisoner to the weather, I’m sticking to my lunch plans with a friend. #OOTD? Jeans, T-shirt, and BOBBI BROWN Bronzing Powder. #1

Nobody enjoys a real suntan more than I. What makes me look healthiest, however, is anything but. With such an abundance of bronzers from which to choose, there is a shade and formula for anyone. Luckily, I discovered BOBBI BROWN bronzer in Golden Light and wear it year round. Because you know what? Orange is SO NOT the new black. #ThrowingPerfectShade


Little known fact. March 2007. Looking for my first gig in the beauty industry, I was ready to do anything as a temp within the Estée Lauder Companies. Bobbi Brown’s receptionist and office favorite, Craig had a vacation planned, and guess who filled in for two weeks? While I’ve moved around other brands since then, I still have friends I made during those first two weeks at BOBBI. Pretty Powerful, indeed. #FlashbackFriday

It is not always easy to make what you want actually look good on you. In my case, I opted for a shade more pink and red with barely any yellow. The heavy hint of golden bronze still can pass as natural. Powder, please to work on my combination skin with absolutely no shimmer. My personality is illuminating enough. #GoFindYourOwn!


Never apply bronzer without moisturizing first. You don’t want to look dry. The rule of thumb is to swipe the bronzer only across the areas of the face that the sun hits naturally. This would be your cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. An extra swipe along the jawline contours my naturally round Polish face, which really helps with the selfies. Go light on the neck for balance. Splurge on a brush. #YoureWorthIt

Why do I love it?

Looking healthy is only one of the benefits of wearing BOBBI BROWN bronzer. Feeling and looking better also boosts your self-image. Bronzer is certainly not tequila but both make me feel just a tad more social and confident. And, both are best enjoyed with a light hand. #TrustMe

Check out all the shades of the Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder by clicking HERE.


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