A Wake-Up Call – Origins GinZing Refreshing Face Mask

Recently, Origins added a face mask to their GinZing collection, which proves it is possible to offer a great three ounce face mask for under thirty bucks. Five years ago, they knocked it out of the park with their GinZing eye cream. Since that launch, every addition to the signature orange packaging excites me. This new refreshing face mask that wakes up tired skin does not disappoint. #ImWideAwake

The GinZing range is all about boosting the skin’s energy, adding brightness, and helping you look more awake. Venti lattes in the morning may do the trick for some of you, but Origins packs their formulas with more than just invigorating coffee beans. Hoelen mushroom (had to google that one) calms and keeps any redness at bay. With the addition of aloe and cucumber extract, this gel mask is incredibly cooling upon application. The fresh spa-like scent is enhanced by rose flower extract as well as orange and lemon peel oils. #KeepCool

origins ginzing face mask to wake up tired skin review inhautepursuit

Because this particular face mask is a gel, you can conserve the amount you use. Go easy with a thin layer and relax for ten minutes. Origins suggests that you tissue it off but my skin drinks it up. It leaves my skin slightly tight, which is refreshing. I just rinse with water before my morning routine. I love that Origins avoids recommendations on how often to use GinZing mask. Clearly, some of us may need it more often than others. #DontJudge

origins ginzing cooling gel face mask review inhautepursuit

If you ever lack motivation to throw yourself in the shower in the morning, start with Origins GinZing mask. As a first step, it will inspire you to get the day started whether you had a long night or you’re simply dreading facing the world. In ten minutes, your skin will feel refreshed and awake. Not only does this step fit any routine but at $25 for a 3.4oz tube, this one also fits any budget. Safe for all skin types and appropriate for all ages. #FaceValue

Check out the GinZing Collection HERE or purchase the mask at sephora.com or beauty.com.


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  1. August 20, 2014 / 5:58 pm

    I have the tester for this, it’s so good! Love this range of Origins too! x

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