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There is nothing good about a Monday. Now, imagine it rained the entire weekend prior and you spent both days in the suburbs. If you were relying on my Instagram to form an impression of the kind of lifestyle I lead, it might look like I frequented gourmet restaurants exclusively, drove around listening to nineties music, and doodled.

It is true that I over indulged in Cosmos at Jean-Georges’ new restaurant in Pound Ridge, NY on Saturday night, tried to keep it classy with Bloody Mary’s at brunch on Sunday, only to have failed that very night, indulging in a massive plate of nachos at a local pub. #lush

Looking back and looking in the mirror, I’ll say there is at least one good thing about this particular Monday. The ocean of sodium and five hours of sleep are not showing in my face. At first I thought it was just me smizing. But, I’m a stand up kinda guy who gives credit where credit is due. This morning, I used the Instant Revitalizing Mask from Radical Skincare. #TheSecret

Face masks are my favorite step in the beauty regimen. Whether they take the form of cream, gel, sheet, peel-off, or clay, there is a ritual involved and steps to be taken. When you take time to apply, wait, and remove, you expect certain results. Radical does not disappoint. From its concept through to its delivery system, this mask takes minutes to use and achieves a look that results from hours of rest.

Bloomingdales - Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask

I’m usually apprehensive about masks in 1 oz containers. In the case of Radical, however, I agree that ‘less is more.’ The slightly yellow gel slash serum applies like a dream to my skin. Within seconds, the gel turns foamy and bubbles and cracks pop rocks style. It absorbs the fastest in most dehydrated areas of my face. Minutes later, the product becomes invisible, giving my skin a jolt of energy, brightness and smoothness. #911WhatsYourEmergency?

I bow down to sisters and the co-founders of Radical Skincare, Liz and Rachel Edlich. Having grown up with a legendary plastic surgeon as their father, they honed their understanding of the industry from an early age. Over time, each sister developed independent aging concerns. Their goal was to address any aggressive aging process, including those experienced by people with sensitive skin. They spared no expense and developed a range of products for their own use. #BALLIN’

Bloomingdales - Radical Instant Revitalizing Mask

The lab samples of what was to become Radical Skincare traveled from friends’ bathrooms to a handful of stores. Less than three years later, the line is now carried by Barneys New York and over 800 prestige stores in 15 countries. #Holler!

Radical Skincare promotes the Trylacel Technology in their products, a proprietary blend of ingredients that balances the ratio of antioxidants, repair actives and calming agents. This breakthrough in suspension technology assures that even those with the most sensitive skin get the highest concentration of active ingredients possible in every dose. #AreYouRadical?

I cannot wait to get even more radical with my skin. I might be trying the cleanser next – 80% of active ingredients? In a cleanser??? #SignMeUp!

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  1. March 31, 2014 / 2:35 pm

    i think i definitely need this for weekend repair!

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