July Skincare Favorites

Is it just me or did July fly by for everyone? As this birthday month comes to a close, I thought I’d share a handful of skincare standouts I just can’t get enough of. All launched very recently, became instant favorites, and were added immediately to my summer skincare repertoire. Keep reading and you’ll learn about my current picks that coincidentally span a solid evening routine. You can, of course, make it a daytime lineup so long as you add your favorite sunscreen to the mix. And no worries, my favorite sunscreens post is coming very soon.

dermalogica milkfoliant

This is not a cleanser. With that said, the froth foam it generates may make it suitable for a morning wash for those who prefer a gentle purifying experience. This is a routine I follow when I want to sweep away post-retinoid flakes before I greet the day. Milkfoliant is kind-to-all-skin-types and uses coconut milk and oat bran extracts to exfoliate and soothe. If you’re curious about the resurfacing properties, the blend of AHAs and BHAs is combined with my favorite fruit enzyme, papaya derived Papain. The sign of a great powder wash/exfoliant is one that doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight or dry. Because milkfoliant contains Hyaluronic Acid, this is a total non issue. There is no fragrance and it rinses off beautifully (read: doesn’t cling to brows or hairline). $64 (2.5oz ) dermalogica.com 

Ursa Major Mountain Glow

Hovering somewhere between silky serum and lightweight lotion, the Mountain Glow serum is the most impressive Ursa Major launch I have tried to date. It is packed with 44 botanical actives, including Black Tea Ferment and Vitamins A, C, and E, as well as adaptogens and rejuvenating plant extracts. One of the most ambitious treatments in the clean and green beauty space, it targets concerns such as loss of firmness, discoloration, dullness, and redness. At first, I expected a product this powerful to feel heavy (or greasy if I’m being totally honest) on the skin but Mountain Glow is anything but. It absorbs like a dream and works great under sunscreen or a richer overnight treatment. Absolutely love the subtle herbal aroma. Hoping that a la Golden Hour, a travel size will be available soon. $84 (30ml) credobeauty.com 

Perricone MD CCC+ Ferulic Brightening Under-Eye Cream

Once a superfan of the brand, I continue to use a few Perricone MD serums (Growth Factor and Cold Plasma+) and moisturizers (the tinted Face Finishing Moisturizer with SPF), but I have never fallen for any of the brand’s eye treatments. Until now. The Vitamin C Ester eye care ancillary is insanely good. From the gorgeous creamy texture with just enough of that cushiony slip, to the ultra moisturizing, non-pilling application, I am borderlhttps://howl.me/chLXoke2Q3eine obsessed. Ingredient highlights include three forms of Vitamin C (to tackle red, blue, and brown discoloration under the eyes), Ferulic Acid, skin firming Peptides, and Oat Protein, which combined deliver instant comfort and prevent dryness. I am only two weeks into everyday use but I swear I’m already appearing more awake. $72 (15ml) perriconemd.com 

Susanne Kaufmann Boosting Liquid Mask

Sadly, I’ve been a bit bored with the face mask category, of late. But then, Susanne Kaufmann launched her Boosting Liquid Mask. It is without a shadow of a doubt becoming my most embraced regenerative treatment. And there have been many days this summer when my skin has needed a boost of vitality. The liquigel formula is powered by Swiss Apple Stem Cells of a unique variety known as Uttwiler Spätlauber – an apple that does not wrinkle. In addition to its firming properties, the Boosting Liquid Mask contains deeply hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae Extract, anti-inflammatory Bisabolol, and skin protecting Tea Leaf Extract. Depending on what your skin needs, use it as a 15 minute rinse-off treatment, or like me, leave it on overnight. Most often, I’ve been using 2-3 pumps over my PM retinoid with great success. Not only is my skin looking more vibrant, I am loving the spa-like faint apple aroma. $125 (50ml) spacenk.com

Youth To The People Polypeptide 121 Future Cream

Peptides have been the biggest buzz in the skincare industry for a while now. Yet I’ve never had much luck with peptide-packed moisturizers. They’ve always felt too heavy on my skin. If you share my frustration, definitely try the new Youth To The People Polypeptide 121 Future Cream for its perfect lightweight creamy texture. It glides on effortlessly, sinks in almost immediately, and feels so lush and airy on my skin day or night – even during the recent heatwave. What’s in it? Peptides, Ceramindes, plant proteins (Flax, Rice, Pea), Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, to name a few – making it a great moisturizer for pretty much everyone. No fragrance, no bs. I’m convinced you’re going to love it. $64 (59ml) youthtothepeople.com

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