Lip Care – Henné Organics Is As Fancy As It Is Effective

While not the case in the summer, it’s mid-October and lip balm has now become my everyday staple. Overnight. I usually think of lip balm, well, as semi-optional, like sunglasses — you should own a pair but not expect to use them every day. So far this Fall, I am loving some fancy formulas from Henné Organics that are chic, indulgent, and pretty remarkable. 

For those who aren’t yet familiar with or who haven’t tried the brand before, Henné is a tightly edited lip care collection that consists of luxury lip balm, lip serum, and rose diamonds lip exfoliator. The balm is heavenly and comes in two packaging variations: jar and swivel stick. The swivel stick option is also available in two shades: clear and tinted. I am currently rotating the jar and swivel stick with the oil. ATM, Henné is topping my lip treatment charts. 

Luxury Lip Balm

The beauty of this formula lies in its sophisticated simplicity. It’s a straightforward blend of Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Seed  Butter, Jojoba Seed Oil and Vitamin E. Every plant oil and butter used in the formula is organic. When seasonal weather changes leave your lips feeling dry or flaky, a single application of the Henné Luxury Lip Balm will instantly nourish so that your pucker feels comfortable. It’s not a sticky or slippery balm and doesn’t have a high shine glossy finish, which I very much appreciate. 

Wondering how the jar and stick differ? The packaging. The formulas are identical. The one in the jar may have a slightly softer texture. I have the stick on me at all times and keep the pot on my nightstand. $22 pot, $19 stick

Lip Serum

The Henné Lip Serum combines some of the most nourishing plant oils to deliver an intense boost of moisture and antioxidant protection. The stunning glass bottle sports a 24k gold rollerball applicator. I feel like a Kardashian every time I apply it. The silky blend feels surprisingly light on the lips. It does have a subtle glossy finish.  What’s most impressive is its performance. The serum smoothes and plumps my parched lips in a single application. Unlike other lip oils I’ve tried before, Henné somehow remains on the lips without migrating into the mouth. Speaking of scent, it’s neutral and borderline non-existent. None of the PSL nonsense. $45

Henné is an ingredient focused eco-luxe range so, for some, the price point may be a bit steep, especially for those who adopt a strictly utilitarian point of view with regard to lip care.  Is it splurge worthy? If you are among those who value user experience as much as results when it comes to self-care, then yes. What I can say is that I want to continuously apply this balm and serum even when my lips feel perfectly plump.

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