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Today is National Men’s Grooming Day. I’m not making this up. Google it. In observance of this very special holiday, let us guys focus on something accessible, affordable and user friendly that all of us can (and should) use. Fudge Urban is a British brand of hair styling products new to the US that offers fun, edgy and creative solutions to help everyone achieve a great look that lasts. #TurnHeads

Fudge Urban brings solid backstage experience to its products by styling X-Factor contestants to make them votable and destined for stardom. Lou Teasdale, celebrity hairstylist and their first Global Brand Ambassador still works on the five heads who got their start on that very show. Admit it: the guys in One Direction have pretty great hair. With such busy schedules, how can they never have a bad hair day? #DoBelieveTheHype

As a Leo with compulsive tendencies, my hair is very important to me. Whether one needs volume, texture or hold, Fudge Urban delivers. After trying a few of their products, the best fits for me have been the 24 Hour Coconut Rush Power Gel and Matte Wax. With a modern slash extreme pompadour cut, hold is critical. It’s no surprise that I gravitated towards these two products whose hold score is an 8 out of 10. #ScaleUp

When time is of the essence and getting out the door is at now o’clock, the Fudge Urban Power Gel is all you need. Not only will it hold your style in place the whole day, when it dries, it never gets flaky. The hold is perfect and hair doesn’t feel like dried pasta. Because when my hair air dries and becomes a hot mess, this gel secures it in place from the moment I style it and keeps it looking that way the entire day. Don’t let anyone mess with your head but if they do, you’ll retain your style. #HotHead

fudge urban power gel coconut 24 hour hold review inhautepursuit

On days on which I have more than 10 minutes to play with, I use the time wisely before HEADing out. After blowing out the top of my head to one side, I use Fudge Urban Matte Wax. Having tried all four waxes, this one is by far my favorite, again because of its strongest hold. The matte finish is the perfect touch to the texture it provides. With its non-sticky formula, matte wax allows for re-shaping or working your style over whenever necessary throughout the day. #GreatHairDay!

fudge urban surfer matte wax review inhautepursuit

fudge urban matte wax review inhautepursuit

You can find Fudge Urban products at select Target stores as well as at www.target.com ranging from $7.99 to $10.99. Check out their website at www.fudgeurban.com for tips and how-to videos from Lou Teasdale.


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