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Say ‘acid’ and my ears prick up. Put ‘glycolic’ in front of it and I need it. When I first encountered the Australian brand Alpha-H on a fellow blogger’s Instagram feed, I investigated it and became instantly intrigued. After receiving a very generous box from Oz, I will focus on their most recently launched Instant Facial. I am saving the entire routine that includes the iconic Liquid Gold for another post. #FirstThingsFirstImTheRealest

Alpha-H is a spa grade, botanically based and glycolic acid fueled line that is so much more than anti-aging. It’s the anti-anything-you-need-to-address range and Instant Facial with Cypress & Barley joins in with a splash. Or a spritz. This fast acting treatment with results comparable to microdermabrasion and salon peels will leave you glowing. Alpha-H swears that with a few spritzes, you may rethink the need for an Instagram filter. But first… #LetMeTakeASelfie

Unlike Liquid Gold, this new cult favorite also allows for daytime use. It fits into your existing routine as a toner on steroids. Alpha-H suggest you spritz Instant Facial on a cotton pad and swipe across cleansed face, neck and chest area avoiding eyes and lips. Spritzing it directly into my palms and patting it on my face is how I use it. Immediately after, I rub what’s left into the backs of my hands because my 4th biggest fear in life is that my hands will give away my age. #HandsOfTime

alpha-h review liquid gold instant facial inhautepursuit

The blend of botanicals that includes Cypress Nut, Thyme, Barley, and Arnica Flowers–and combined with glycolic acid and witch hazel–deliver major yet gentle resurfacing results. Upon application, your skin is clearer and softer with a healthy sheen of a glow. My combination skin feels as smooth as glass and the pores are barely visible. Glycerin insures that no moisture is lost so your skin won’t overproduce oil. Try spraying it over your face as a finishing mist as well. #Obvi

liquid gold alpha-h instant facial review inhautepursuit

Believe it or not, there is even more to Instant Facial than its exfoliating and soothing botanicals. While these prepare your skin to better absorb other treatment products, the star anti-aging ingredient is Plankton Extract. Not only does it stimulate collagen and elastin production by 20%, its wrinkle filling effects work in 15 minutes. Afterall, what good are radiant and luminous without youthful, right? #InstaFact

instant facial and liquid gold alpha-h review inhautepursuit

Alpha-H describes Instant Facial as “botanical brilliance in a bottle”. What’s most brilliant is that they’ve created a formula from which every skin type at every age can benefit. This non-irritating, oil-free treatment can be used both AM (followed by sunscreen) and PM (without any treatment over it for maximum performance). While Alpha-H warns about a momentary tingle, I only feel a whisper of one. Unless I just have really thick skin… #Literally

Instant Facial comes in a 100ml bottle and retails for $59.95.  While I cannot detect any retail presence in the US, Alpha-H.com offers international shipping.

In the UK, Alpha-H offers its complete range at QVC UK with a (no doubt) amazing TSV coming up August 19th. I will be tuning in with envy right HERE.


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    Ok, you got me! Now I’m so interested I have to try it! Regards, Bjorn from Male Avenue x

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